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CompTIA has launched the MSPs Profit Builder Course to help MSPs learn to create a growth strategy and plan, map clients’ business models, drive profitable engagements, develop long-term relationships, and grow the business.

The managed services market requires that you always be thinking ahead—and differently. What was a successful sales or marketing tactic today may not work as well tomorrow. Staying ahead of the competition, and keeping customers engaged, is critical to long-term success.

To help MSPs achieve those goals, CompTIA has launched the MSP Profit Builder Course, a seven-session curriculum to help solution providers learn how to develop, sell, and implement a solutions-based sales strategy, as opposed to product- or project-based sales tactics still used by many companies.

Students meet with an industry-respected MSP business strategist and instructor each month to learn how to create a growth strategy and plan, map clients’ business models, drive profitable engagements and business impact, leverage the latest trends and technologies to create valuable solutions, and develop long-term relationships to deliver technology solutions that help clients grow and improve their business.

But what exactly does the MSP Profit Builder Course entail? Why is it important? And how can you benefit? We’ve got answers to those questions—and more—below.

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What is the MSP Profit Builder Course?

The course was designed as a collaboration between CompTIA and leaders from its Managed Services Community as a tool to help MSPs and solution providers advance their business to the next level. Many community members noticed that a lot of tech service providers were struggling to transform their business models to meet the changing needs of today’s tech buyers. Traditional marketing programs and sales techniques felt out of date and, worse, obsolete. Community leaders spent months developing the core curriculum to help propel MSPs into the future.

Who Should Take the Course?

The course is designed for owners of MSPs and senior leaders of other small-business companies selling technology solutions to businesses of all sizes. More specifically, the content is designed to help companies surpass $5 million in annual revenue, a figure where many MSPs often see their growth stagnate because they don’t have the time, resources, or ideas on how—or where—to develop new solutions or structure a business that size.

Why Should I Take the Course?

If you’re like many MSP owners, you have a technical or engineering background, not a business, sales, or marketing pedigree. You understand technology, how products work together to function properly, but you may not be as strong articulating to a prospect how various technologies can be integrated to solve a very specific, even unique, business problem. The MSP Profit Builder curriculum is designed to give participants the knowledge, skills, and actionable advice they need to prepare their company for the future, map a new business model, bring new solutions to market, and develop long-term success with clients.

How Will the Course Help My Business?

If you’re stuck in neutral, the MSP Profit Builder Course will provide plenty of ideas and tools to get your business back in gear—making you more efficient, productive, and profitable. Even if your business is growing, you may not be making the most out of all your opportunities or positioning yourself for long-term relevance. The course helps you build your competency in four areas: Creating Awareness, Capturing More Business, Expansion, and Delivering Results.

What Kind of Commitment Do I Need to Make?

A new 7-session course is scheduled to begin at ChannelCon in August. After that, students will meet online every 3-4 weeks for 90-minute classes until wrapping up, in-person again, at CompTIA’s Communities & Councils Forum (CCF). In between, there’s plenty of time for online engagement and a chance to share ideas and ask questions to enrich your experience. Another course is scheduled to begin in March 2023. The cost for the session beginning in August is $300 for members and $550 for non-members, which includes one-year of membership.

Want to learn more about the MSP Profit Builder Course?
For more information, click here or email [email protected].

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