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Government at all levels – local, state, and federal – need innovative technology solutions in order to serve their communities and deliver the public services businesses and residents require. CompTIA's Public Sector councils stand at the intersection of government and technology. Through national surveys conducted each year with government officials and issue-driven research reports and guides, technology companies that do business with local, state and federal customers will gain valuable insights into procurement policies, IT modernization programs, and the unique needs of the public sector.

2020 Local Cybersecurity Survey

Local government IT leaders are focused on cybersecurity

01/26/2021 | Research

Local Government Response to COVID-19

Local government IT leaders pivot to deal with pandemic

01/26/2021 | Research

2020 Local CIO Survey

Local government IT leaders share thoughts on trends.

01/26/2021 | Research

The Agile CIO: Leading in a Time of Uncertainty (2020 State CIO Survey)

State CIOs Resilient as COVID-19 Impacts Government Operations in 2020. New research explores responses, lessons learned during pandemic.

11/10/2020 | Research

CompTIA Space Enterprise Council International Engagement 2019

A summary of the Space Enterprise Council's current and future partnerships in the international space marketplace

08/24/2020 | Article

2019 Year in Review- CompTIA Space Enterprise Council

The SEC provided its members several impact events and programs in 2020.

08/24/2020 | Article

CompTIA Space Enterprise Council Data Repository Guide

A data repository resource for the public sector to examine data challenges and security issues, applications by use case and sector, adoption considerations and policy recommendations.

08/24/2020 | Whitepaper

2020 Priorities for the CompTIA Space Enterprise Council

Read the SEC's 2020 priorities set by the executive council

08/24/2020 | Article

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What’s Happening in Government and Technology? 

Listen Now: Sharkbytes with Dr. Alan Shark 

Sharkbytes PodcastDr. Alan Shark, Executive Director of the Public Technology Institute (PTI), interviews leaders from state and local governments to find out how they are leveraging the latest technologies to improve operations and the delivery of services to businesses and residents. 

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State of City and County IT National Survey 

The annual research report by CompTIA’s Public Technology Institute (PTI) explores critical issues facing local government technology officials in the U.S. 

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