data advisory council

Data Advisory Council

Who We Are

The Data Advisory Council helps to build data literacy and training resources that can help foster a data-driven culture that aligns with an organization's business objectives and initiatives.

What We Stand For

The Data Advisory Council promotes the use of data analytics and business intelligence tools to help drive better decision making and improved performance within an organization.

In addition, the council collaborates with CompTIA’s other industry advisory councils to advance the adoption of data-driven technologies and frameworks. Together, we work to:

  • Outline roles, responsibilities, and processes for managing data across an organization.
  • Identify relevant industry trends that open new business opportunities for the channel.
  • Refine industry best practice standards.

How We’re Making an Impact

We are promoting the concept of a data-driven culture that can help businesses and employees more effectively understand and use their data to make better business decisions. We strive to develop innovative resources and strategies that help the tech channel leverage data to solve real-world business challenges. Our goals include:

  • Creating resources to help MSPs and other businesses understand their ability to leverage new insights from data.
  • Developing data management best practices.
  • Understanding new data models and skills necessary to maximize business results.


Jill Klein - IOTAC

Jill Klein


Head of Emerging Tech & IoT,
Sirius, A CDW Company

Sean Lardo - 2024 Data Advisory Council Website Headshot

Sean Lardo


Sales Director,


MJ Patent

Vice Chair

Chief Marketing Officer,

Larry Cobrin - 2024 Data Advisory Council Website Headshot

Larry Cobrin

Founder, CEO,

Lisa McGarvey - 2024 Data Advisory Council Website Headshot

Lisa McGarvey-Capuano

Vice President, Data, AI, IoT Solutions,

Daniel O'Hanley - Data Advisory Council 2024 Website Headshot

Daniel O'Hanley

Delmar Insights

Callen Sapien - 2024 Data Advisory Council Website Headshot

Callen Sapien


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