Use Cases & Success Stories

To help accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies, CompTIA has created a series of use cases and success stories that highlight examples of how our members leveraged emerging and cutting-edge technology solutions, including artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, drones, internet of things (IoT) and cybersecurity to solve real-world business problems that helped customers transform their business and accelerate success—and how you can do the same.

How to Leverage AI to Better Detect, Analyze Cyber Threats

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a critical component of cybersecurity. Learn how MSPs can leverage AI to help protect networks and data.

04/15/2022 | Use Case

How IoT Is Improving Smart Badges for Businesses

Smart badges can be very practical for businesses. Learn how they can improve employee safety, control building costs, and improve company security.

04/05/2022 | Use Case

How to Leverage IoT for Innovative Asset Management Solutions

Internet of things (IoT) technology helps businesses keep track of vehicles, devices and other assets, creating big opportunities for MSPs.

04/04/2022 | Use Case

Use AI to Win More Deals with Predictive Sales and Lead Scoring

AI-driven predictive sales and lead scoring can help companies win business. Learn how it can boost sales and create opportunities for MSPs.

03/24/2022 | Use Case

Implement AI into Chatbots and Digital Assistance Solutions

Chatbots and conversational AI can have a big impact on customer satisfaction. Learn how it helps businesses and why it’s a big opportunity for MSPs.

03/10/2022 | Use Case

How to Implement IoT Technologies to Manage Smart Buildings

Traditional networks now include HVAC, lighting, surveillance, and other systems. Learn how IoT is opening doors for MSPs to do more for customers.

02/21/2022 | Use Case

How to Succeed in IoT Security

A hard-luck opportunity opened the door for an MSP to save the day and gain a loyal customer with a new IoT security solution.

03/12/2021 | Use Case

Creating New Packages to Protect Remote Workforces: A Cybersecurity Use Case

Learn how a cybersecurity vendor packaged its solutions to better help solution providers and MSPs protect remote workforces from the latest threats.

07/29/2020 | Use Case

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Catch up on more use cases—watch The Doctor Is In, our YouTube series focused on CompTIA members leveraging emerging technologies to solve business problems.

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