Cybersecurity breaches, hacks and cyberattacks are on the rise, which means it’s more important than ever for MSPs, vendors, solution providers, distributors and other tech companies to secure their businesses—as well as their customer’s businesses. Here, we’ve compiled resources about cybersecurity trends and best practices as well as information to help you build an IT security practice.

State of Cybersecurity 2020

The latest cybersecurity research from CompTIA explores the practices and skills needed for a modern security approach

09/30/2020 | Research

What is an ISAO?

Learn what an Information Sharing and Analysis Organization is and how it helps businesses combat cyber threats.

10/05/2020 | Article

Creating New Packages to Protect Remote Workforces: A Cybersecurity Use Case

Learn how a cybersecurity vendor packaged its solutions to better help solution providers and MSPs protect remote workforces from the latest threats.

07/29/2020 | Use Case

Data Breach Response Planning Guide

Learn how to respond to a data breach. Use this tool to help you prepare a data breach response plan.

02/14/2020 | Guide

Transforming from Traditional MSP to Technology Partner: A Cybersecurity Use Case

Learn how a traditional MSP recognized a gap, made investments to add security expertise and transformed into a total technology partner.

02/05/2020 | Use Case

Cybersecurity for Digital Operations

CompTIA’s new cybersecurity research report examines how companies are ensuring that cybersecurity is part of their digital transformation.

09/13/2019 | Research

Build, Buy, Partner: Best Practices for Hiring and Retaining IT Security Staff

This course will provide participants with a clear strategy for establishing or improving organizational cybersecurity.

12/15/2018 | Video

Information Security Risk Assessment Guide

Are you doing enough to protect against IT Security threats? Use this guide to learn how to talk to your clients about having a risk assessment.

10/17/2018 | Guide

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Improve Your Cybersecurity Resilience

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Cybersecurity experts join MJ Shoer, executive director of the CompTIA ISAO, to discuss the threats facing the tech industry today.

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Absolute security is an illusion. Recent high-profile events have made this clearer than ever, says MJ Shoer, executive director of the CompTIA ISAO. On the organization’s first birthday, Shoer looks back and also shares what members can expect going forward to help raise the cybersecurity resilience of the tech industry.

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SMBs Aren’t Prepared for a Cyber Event: Here's How to Fix That

Potential ramifications from the SolarWinds data breach are enough to keep leading cyber executives up at night—especially since many SMBs (and the MSPs serving them) aren't prepared to respond to a major event. Here's how to help.

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IT Supply Chain Threats: Who is Responsible for Securing Our Technology?

State-sponsored cyber-attacks can be seen as an act of war, with far greater implications than an attempt to steal company information. So now, we face the question: Whose responsibility is it to secure our technology?

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Advance the Business of Technology with CompTIA Membership

Becoming CompTIA member means access to perks, discounts, and a variety of other benefits. But it's so much more than that: CompTIA membership is the first step on your journey to help advance the business of technology and make your mark on the industry. Find out how.

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The Value of Information Sharing and the Risks of Cyber-Shaming

Successful cyber strategies shouldn't be based on what you can do to prevent an attack, but on what to do when you know you've been attacked and what the extent of that attack was. In other words, assume you will be attacked and that the attack will be successful.

Feb 18, 2021, 02:00 PM By MJ Shoer