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Technology is changing the way that business is conducted, between industries, companies, and individuals—making it critically important to stay on top of the latest innovations, buying trends and business models in order to accelerate success. Use these resources to find new ways to grow your business, expand your reach, and keep your team engaged.

Partner Experience Trends Through the Lens of the Partner Journey

This research brief uses interviews with IT channel leaders to describe the evolving relationship between partners and vendors.

08/21/2020 | Whitepaper

Vendor Channel Readiness Assessment

This assessment tool can help technology vendors determine their preparedness and ability to initiate and implement a channel strategy.

03/04/2021 | Forms

How to Create a Successful Virtual Event in 10 Steps

With these 10 steps, you can successfully create a new digital event that will engage your attendees and bring more value to your organization.

06/10/2020 | Article

The Technology Buyer’s Journey: A Roadmap to Customer Success

CompTIA’s Channel Advisory Board mapped out a technology buyer’s journey with step-by-step details for vendors, distributors and solution providers

12/11/2019 | Infographic

Executive Insights: Customer Experience in the Channel

As channel firms grapple with new ways to engage customers, CompTIA interviewed a group of executives about the trends in CX they are seeing in today’s market.

07/09/2019 | Research

Customer Experience Trends in the Channel

The following report takes the pulse of today’s CX efforts among today’s tech channel.

06/27/2019 | Research

Cloud Types, Solutions and Vendors

Wondering which types of cloud services make sense for your organization? This article explains cloud types, cloud solutions and the basics you need to know.

03/22/2019 | Article

Four Steps to being a Successful Technology Vendor

CompTIA Leadership has pulled together a must-do list to ensure technology solution provider vendors are successful and growing in 2019.

01/08/2019 | Infographic

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In this series of six videos, we share tips to help you grow your IT business—from assessing and outsourcing to hiring and retaining great talent to branding and marketing your IT business.

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Benchmarking Your Channel Readiness: An Assessment for Technology Vendors

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Feb 12, 2021, 04:03 PM By Scott Campbell


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