DACH Community

Get Involved 

Willkommen! Our vendor-neutral peer group is focused on the needs of technology businesses and professionals in the DACH region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. If you are a CompTIA corporate member in the region, your membership includes belonging to this community.

While our community is still growing, anyone can join. Contact us at [email protected] for more information about joining.

Join a Committee

Members of the DACH Community can choose to get involved with one or more committees dedicated to important technology industry topics, like cybersecurity, emerging technologies, workforce and more. Committee members participate in initiatives, provide thought leadership and work together to solve common business problems. Current DACH Committees include:
  • Cybersecurity Committee: Focused on helping tech businesses strengthen and build a cybersecurity strategy.
  • Emerging Technology Committee: Focused on identifying business use cases for transformative technology solutions.
  • Managed Services Committee: Focused on sharing best practices and business strategies for managed services providers.

DACH Community members can log into the member portal and opt in to participate in committees.

What We Stand For

The DACH Community helps members build and expand their businesses and careers through collaboration, networking and sharing best practices that showcase how technology can be leveraged to solve business needs. Together, we explore business opportunities and challenges and put a focus on the DACH region as a leader in technology innovation.

How We’re Making an Impact 

We offer virtual and face-to-face meetings, local meetups and initiatives, where we:

  • Advance technology businesses and the customers they serve.
  • Highlight emerging technologies and business use cases.
  • Foster collaboration among existing and emerging channel players, leveraging peer industry knowledge and training with an emphasis on innovative technology and business models.
  • Evangelize opportunities that make technology a desirable industry to work in.