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IoT Advisory Council

Who We Are

The CompTIA IoT Advisory Council provides vision and guidance in matters relating to the creation, delivery and support of business opportunities around the internet of things.

What We Stand For

Research confirms that the internet of things is transforming not only technology, but business as a whole. The CompTIA IoT Advisory Council strives to increase the adoption of IoT solutions, the concept of smart cities and communities, and create awareness and business opportunities in this rapidly evolving field. We collaborate with CompTIA’s other industry advisory councils to present IoT opportunities across the technology ecosystem. Together, we work to:

  • Provide advice and industry expertise that advances the concept of IoT into business environments.
  • Share our real-world experiences to accelerate market growth.
  • Develop educational resources, tools and research.
  • Foster greater adoption and expansion of emerging technologies.

How We’re Making an Impact

The CompTIA IoT Advisory Council develops best practices, use cases and other content that can be shared with anyone developing, selling or influencing IoT solutions. We collaborate to address relevant industry trends and issues that impact the IoT market and its rapidly evolving platforms and methodologies.


Patrick Albert - IoTAC Headshot (1)

Patrick Albert


VP of Product Management,
Auvik Networks Inc.

Benson Chan - IoTAC Headshot (1)

Benson Chan


Senior Partner,
Strategy of Things


Ted Parisot

Vice Chair

Helios Visions


Vince Bradley

Abundant IoT

Nicole Coughlin - 2024 IOT Advisory Council Website Headshot

Nicole Coughlin

Chief Information Officer,
Town of Cary

Hariharan Ganesh - IOT Advisory Council 2024 Website Headshot

Hariharan Ganesh

Founder and CEO,
Factana Computing Inc.


Uche Ishionwu

IoT & OT Security Solution Architect,

Blank Photo Icon

Alexander Mann



Robert Senatore

CEO/Managing Member,
Data2Go Wireless

Tim Way - IoT 2024 Website Headshot

Tim Way

IoT Solutions Architect,
Telit Cinterion

Jon+Kristin-41-cropped (2)

Jon Weiss

VP of Emerging Technologies,

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