Industry Advisory Councils

Industry advisory councils are comprised of influential and knowledgeable leaders in their respective technology domains. Each advisory council serves to advocate and educate with a mission to accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies into businesses small and large. In addition, they develop innovative content and tools to help integrate these technologies into existing solutions that solve critical business problems. Advisory council positions are by invitation only.

ai-councilArtificial Intelligence

As artificial intelligence integrates more into business, the AI Advisory Council develops strategies and resources to create, deliver and support AI initiatives that accelerate success.

bchain-councilBlockchain & Web3

The Blockchain & Web3 Advisory Council identifies the trends and opportunities and develops valuable resources to help businesses adopt blockchain technology.

chandev-councilChannel Development

The Channel Development Advisory Council, made up of executives from across the industry, shares its expertise and experience to develop programs, tools, and other IT channel resources.


The Data Advisory Council focuses on data literacy and training, data analytics, business intelligence to drive decision-making and improve performance, and establishing and maintaining a data governance framework.


The IoT Advisory Council provides vision and guidance in matters relating to the creation, delivery and support of initiatives that accelerate internet of things adoption.

bapp-councilSaaS Ecosystem

With the growth of SaaS applications, the SaaS Ecosystem Advisory Council develops new business opportunities and tools that demonstrate value for these technologies.


The Workforce Advisory Council focuses on addressing IT workforce challenges and raising awareness of workforce development and the career opportunities available in the tech industry, particularly among underrepresented groups.