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Vendor Channel Readiness Assessment

This assessment tool can help technology vendors determine their preparedness and ability to initiate and implement a channel strategy.

03/04/2021 | Forms

5 Tips for Hiring Without Unconscious Bias

Learn 5 tips about IT hiring without unconscious bias. Ensure your organization has a successful diversity and inclusion strategy.

02/22/2021 | Infographic

How to Foster Diversity, Inclusion & Retention

Diversity and inclusion initiatives are the right thing to do and make great business sense. What steps should you take to ensure success and what are mistakes to avoid?

02/22/2021 | Infographic

2020 Local Cybersecurity Survey

Local government IT leaders are focused on cybersecurity

01/26/2021 | Research

Local Government Response to COVID-19

Local government IT leaders pivot to deal with pandemic

01/26/2021 | Research

2020 Local CIO Survey

Local government IT leaders share thoughts on trends.

01/26/2021 | Research

The Agile CIO: Leading in a Time of Uncertainty (2020 State CIO Survey)

State CIOs Resilient as COVID-19 Impacts Government Operations in 2020. New research explores responses, lessons learned during pandemic.

11/10/2020 | Research

CompTIA Research & Market Intelligence Overview

See the newest summary booklet of CompTIA industry research reports.

11/09/2020 | Research

Tech Towns, USA

Learn which top 20 US cities are best to jumpstart your tech career with affordable living and a great quality of life.

10/06/2020 | Research

What is an ISAO?

Learn what an Information Sharing and Analysis Organization is and how it helps businesses combat cyber threats.

10/05/2020 | Article

State of Cybersecurity 2020

The latest cybersecurity research from CompTIA explores the practices and skills needed for a modern security approach

09/30/2020 | Research

Cyberprovinces 2020

The definitive province-by-province analysis of the Canada tech industry and tech workforce.

09/04/2020 | Research

CompTIA Space Enterprise Council International Engagement 2019

A summary of the Space Enterprise Council's current and future partnerships in the international space marketplace

08/24/2020 | Article

2019 Year in Review- CompTIA Space Enterprise Council

The SEC provided its members several impact events and programs in 2020.

08/24/2020 | Article

CompTIA Space Enterprise Council Data Repository Guide

A data repository resource for the public sector to examine data challenges and security issues, applications by use case and sector, adoption considerations and policy recommendations.

08/24/2020 | Whitepaper

2020 Priorities for the CompTIA Space Enterprise Council

Read the SEC's 2020 priorities set by the executive council

08/24/2020 | Article

Partner Experience Trends Through the Lens of the Partner Journey

This research brief uses interviews with IT channel leaders to describe the evolving relationship between partners and vendors.

08/21/2020 | Whitepaper

CompTIA World, Fall 2020: Tech's Time to Shine

In this issue, we celebrate the 2020 Member of the Year and explore the tech industry’s response to COVID-19.

08/10/2020 | Article

Creating New Packages to Protect Remote Workforces: A Cybersecurity Use Case

Learn how a cybersecurity vendor packaged its solutions to better help solution providers and MSPs protect remote workforces from the latest threats.

07/29/2020 | Use Case

7 Myths About Blockchain—Busted

CompTIA’s Blockchain Advisory Council identified seven popular myths about the technology and analyzed the truth behind each one.

06/29/2020 | Infographic

How to Create a Successful Virtual Event in 10 Steps

With these 10 steps, you can successfully create a new digital event that will engage your attendees and bring more value to your organization.

06/10/2020 | Article

2020 Emerging Technology Top 10 List

Learn about the 10 latest emerging technology trends in IT for 2020 from the CompTIA Emerging Technology Community.

06/05/2020 | Infographic

The Role of Emerging Technology in Digital Transformation

This whitepaper describes how emerging technology is impacting strategy for IT leaders and skill development for all IT professionals.

05/25/2020 | Whitepaper

Tech Trade Snapshot 2020

International trade is vitally important to growing the technology industry and its workforce.

05/18/2020 | Research

Pivot from a Struggling Industry to New Opportunities: A Blockchain Use Case

Learn how a blockchain application developer adapted an existing solution to provide help for health care workers on the COVID-19 frontlines.

05/11/2020 | Use Case

Cyberstates 2020

Cyberstates 2020 is the definitive guide to the tech industry and workforce at national, state and city levels.

04/20/2020 | Research

How to Become a Trusted Business Partner: An IoT Use Case

Learn how a technology vendor recognized a need after new industry regulations were introduced and transformed into a trusted business advisor and IoT tech expert.

03/31/2020 | Use Case

Tips for Growing Your Tech Business

Growing your business takes planning, a proactive approach to partnering and the ability to cultivate your personal and professional brand.

03/23/2020 | Infographic

Tech Priorities in Benelux

Learn how managed service providers in the Benelux region can help businesses fill the gaps in their ever-growing IT needs.

03/20/2020 | Infographic

Tech Priorities in Canada

Learn how managed service providers in Canada can help businesses fill the gaps in their ever-growing IT needs.

03/20/2020 | Infographic

Tech Priorities in the UK

Learn how managed service providers in the UK can help businesses fill the gaps in their ever-growing IT needs.

03/20/2020 | Infographic

CompTIA World, Spring 2020: Tech on the Ballot

In this issue, we explore how technology—cybersecurity, privacy, workforce training, emerging tech and more—is impacting the upcoming election.

03/17/2020 | Article

Top AI Solutions

The CompTIA AI Advisory Council identifies the solutions that offer the most opportunity for achieving success in the artificial intelligence market.

03/06/2020 | Infographic

Trends in Managed Services

The value of managed services to the business of technology cannot be denied. Learn the current trends in managed services.

03/06/2020 | Research

Accelerators and Barriers to AI Business Growth

The CompTIA AI Advisory Council identifies the biggest accelerators and barriers to business growth of artificial intelligence technology in the market.

03/02/2020 | Infographic

Tech Industry Landscape Visualization

The U.S. information technology (IT) industry is projected to reach $1.7 trillion in 2020, making it one of the largest and most important sectors of the U.S. economy.

03/01/2020 | Infographic