11 Channel Partner Types for SaaS Companies: How to Pick the Best One(s)

11 Channel Partner Types for SaaS Companies - How to Pick the Best Ones

When it comes to choosing the right channel partners to represent a SaaS application vendor’s software, there’s a lot to know and a lot of options to choose from. Do you want companies that target large businesses, or SMB? Do you want partners with specific technology expertise, or that focus on a specific vertical market?

CompTIA’s SaaS Ecosystem Advisory Council developed a list of 11 different channel partner model types that can help SaaS developers determine which channel model is the best fit for them. When considering prospective channel partners, SaaS companies should consider five factors: the company’s business profile, product portfolio, ideal customer profile, go-to-market and sales model, and current routes to market. With that in mind, download the PDF guide for more information on the strengths, weaknesses, and other information for each of the 11 types of partners identified by the council.

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