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CompTIA World covers the tech industry from the perspective of small- and medium-sized technology companies and the professionals who are delivering technology solutions and providing IT services. Get the inside scoop from member-experts and industry thought leaders about how technology is impacting our world and our businesses—from the way we work to how we interact with our surroundings to the political landscape and much more.

CompTIA World, Fall 2021, Future-proofing the Tech Industry

In this issue, we celebrate the 2021 Member of the Year and explore how the tech industry can prepare for future disruption.

08/03/2021 | Article

CompTIA World, Spring 2021, Alternative Paths to a Tech Career

In this issue, we explore the transformation of the tech workforce, the many paths to an IT career and how to implement DEI initiatives.

04/16/2021 | Article

CompTIA World, Fall 2020: Tech's Time to Shine

In this issue, we celebrate the 2020 Member of the Year and explore the tech industry’s response to COVID-19.

08/10/2020 | Article

CompTIA World, Spring 2020: Tech on the Ballot

In this issue, we explore how technology—cybersecurity, privacy, workforce training, emerging tech and more—is impacting the upcoming election.

03/17/2020 | Article

Higher Thinking: AI, Automation and the Future of Jobs

As a steady stream of disruptive new tech goes mainstream, what will happen to our jobs? Find out here and learn about how CrushBank has created an automated help desk that gets smarter every day.

03/20/2019 | Article

Future Gap

Science-fiction has long promised such an amazingly convenient future that hasn’t quite arrived yet. How do we get there? The answer is companies working with emerging technologies getting us to the last mile.

03/20/2019 | Article

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