MSP Profit Builder Course

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The MSP Profit Builder Course is the time-efficient and results-focused class where managed service providers learn how to develop and execute a strategy for growth that unlocks their business’s potential.

Over the course of seven 90-minute sessions, you’ll learn from experts how to build relevance for your customers, leverage industry trends to create solutions, differentiate yourself from the competition, solve your clients’ problems, and more—for a fraction of the cost of hiring a business consultant. Most importantly, you’ll walk away with an actionable plan to grow your MSP’s revenue!

Topics Covered

  • Marketing your business
  • Building relevance for your ideal buyer
  • Focusing on solving your prospects’ problems and helping them achieve desired outcomes
  • Leveraging trends to create valuable solutions and approaches
  • Differentiating your MSP from your competitors
  • And much more!

How the Course Works

  • The MSP Profit Builder Course is a cohort-style, in-depth learning program offered multiple times a year in both fully online and hybrid (in-person and online) formats. The next cohort begins in August 2022.
  • Cohorts meet seven times over the course of six to eight months for 90-minute sessions taught by business experts.
  • Participants apply what they have learned through enrichment activities and participate in online discussion forums with their peers throughout the course.
  • Participants complete a practical and actionable capstone project designed to unlock their MSP’s potential and grow revenue.

What Participants are Saying

“When I started my business, I didn't have a true vision of where I wanted it to go. This course exposed me to important ideas for how to change my communication about our services, to focus on a message of how our solution serves to thoroughly satisfy the client's needs and change our story from a laundry list of technical capabilities to one encompassing all of the great things we can do to make life better for our clients. The capstone project helped me create a real framework for a new service we are beginning to provide. We wouldn't be ready to successfully go to market without the lessons we learned in the course.” 

Tim Malm, Owner, CorePoint360

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