The Top 10 CompTIA Community Blogs of 2023

CompTIA has had another great year of resourceful content. Read more to see our top 10 CompTIA membership blogs of 2023. Stay tuned for what’s to come in 2024!

The Top 10 CompTIA Community Blogs of 2023CompTIA has had an adventurous year publishing more than 100 blogs in 2023. We provided an extensive collection of content focused on developing a better workforce and how to stay safe doing so. Along with this, we were able to provide extensive resources to help expand any curiosity in the IT world.

The articles featured business-building insights, research analysis and highlights of CompTIA research, events and member-created resources. Our goal is to always help our audience of managed service providers (MSPs), solution providers, vendors, distributors and technology vendors improve their business.

The following list of our Top 10 blogs for the year include a diverse mix of everything mentioned above. We have much more content coming soon in 2024. Thanks for a great year, and in case you missed something specific, check out our full blog library.

6 Steps to Build a Customer Success Roadmap

Finding customers and keeping them happy is always a challenge. Whether it’s setting up a pre-meeting plan or how to approach the first meeting, it’s crucial to know what steps to take. Follow these 6 steps to build a customer success roadmap that keeps your clients happy. Read more.

The Benefits and Challenges of Using AI: Real World Stories

The influx of artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLMs) is assured to have an impact on everything we do. But there’s a long list of questions that every business leader needs to ask themselves before implementing any AI strategies or functions. Read more.

How To Embed a Cybersecurity-First Culture Within Your Organization

Taking that next step into embedding a cyber-first approach within your company (and your customers) will better protect your business and should even lower day-to-day costs. Like we have heard, “every company is a tech company.” Read more.

State of Cybersecurity 2024: Filling Skills Gap Should Be Priority for MSPs

Skills gaps and user education are among two of the main items outlined by companies as cybersecurity challenges in the recently released CompTIA State of Cybersecurity 2024 research. Customers want providers to have real-time insights into cyber threats encompassing ransomware, social engineering, malware releases and other attacks. Read more.

What It’s Like to Be a Salesperson for an MSP

A great managed services salesperson is one part rainmaker and one part business superhero. A great IT provider works wonders for its clients. A great salesperson for that IT provider deserves a lot of credit. Not everyone has what it takes to work in sales for a MSP, but those who do have lots of reasons to love their job. Read more.

5 Tips to Turn Compliance Into a Revenue Stream for MSPs

Compliance is a key component to doing business today, but getting customers to understand it and buy into it can be a challenge for MSPs. Achieving compliance is more than possible and can be a source of revenue with the right strategy and execution. Read more.

How to Make the Office a Magnet, Not a Mandate for Employees

Having trouble convincing work-from-home employees to leave their house? Coming back to the office can be a bit intimidating and may require some extra motivation. Whether it’s modernizing the office space or creating flexible work environments, try these strategies from fellow MSPs. Read more.

Analyzing the Business Risks of ChatGPT and Large Language Models

There is nothing easy about developing AI responsibly. Take the time to consider, what is the kind of relationship that we ultimately want to have with artificial intelligence? The realization of what AI is now doing to transform the world is becoming clearer and clearer—for better or for worse. Read more.

How to Use Machine Learning and AI in Your Business

Artificial intelligence presents a big opportunity for businesses, but many MSPs are still figuring out how to harness the technology in their own companies – or if they even should. There are many misconceptions about AI and how a business can leverage AI functionality, check out this article to learn how to use machine learning and AI in your business. Read more.

Ethical Issues in Technology

Businesses are faced with many ethical challenges, particularly when it comes to the use of technology. Critical decisions must be made to ensure we are protecting privacy and using data appropriately. Which ethical issues are most important in 2023? Check out the top five. Read more.

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