The Top 10 CompTIA Research Videos of 2023

CompTIA research has produced an abundance of YouTube content and we’ve rallied our top 10 videos of the year from the CompTIA Community YouTube channel for 2023.

CompTIA Research Videos of 2023

From live streams to business-building sessions at our biggest events to weekly series that covered the tech industry's biggest trends and special episodes that helped showcase vendor, distributor and solution provider power, along with showing the strength in our worldwide community – the CompTIA Community YouTube channel had something for everyone in 2023 – and then some.

CompTIA research has produced an abundance of YouTube content for the CompTIA Community channel and we’ve rallied our top 10 videos of the year. We focus on the topics of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI), new tech trends to watch and more. Here’s a look at 10 of our favorites. Look for plenty more in 2024!

Careers in Technology

In this Volley episode, Carolyn April, senior director of industry analysis and Seth Robinson, vice president, industry and technology research, take a look at the complex landscape of technology careers. With so much focus on layoffs in the tech sector, there have been questions about the demand for tech workers. CompTIA research shows that demand continues to be very strong across a wide range of industries, making technology jobs a promising choice for starting or switching careers. Watch here.

Two Truths and a Lie About AI

In this episode of CompTIA Volley, Carolyn and Seth talk about AI with Mechie Nkengala, CEO and chief data scientist at Data Products LLC and vice chair of the CompTIA AI Advisory Council. The group starts with some thoughts on the hype surrounding ChatGPT and other large language model tools, then dives into a broader discussion about AI. Watch here.

State of the Channel Part 1 of 2

This episode of CompTIA Volley, Carolyn and Seth start a two-part series giving a preview of the upcoming State of the Channel report. In this episode, they welcome John Harden, senior product manager for SaaS at Auvik. John talks about the changing ecosystem of vendors and competitors in the IT channel, driven by the explosion of choice and the shift away from infrastructure and toward business solutions. Watch part 2 here.

Keys for Tech Startups

Next on Volley, we discussed key items that should be considered by anyone thinking about starting up a tech services business. The environment has changed dramatically over the past 20 years, and alongside the specific technology services to be offered, there are four critical components to getting started in the tech space. Watch here.

IT Industry Outlook 2024

Listen in on this preview of CompTIA's upcoming IT Industry Outlook 2024 research report. After starting with an overview of the positive sentiments shared by IT pros and IT channel firms, the discussion turns to two of the major areas covered by trends in the report. AI continues to be the biggest topic in technology, and while the hype may fade to some degree in 2024, AI will continue to drive changes to workflow. Watch here.

AI Enablement Tips

In this episode of Trend Watch, Carolyn April asks whether the AI hype is outrunning reality? While AI is poised to be a massively disruptive development in our industry, there’s been a slowdown because there aren’t specific generative AI products currently available. That means we’re still in the experimentation phase. Learn the four things organizations can get on top of right now to get ready for the next AI phase. Watch here.

How Are MSPs Navigating Hiring Challenges?

Catch Carolyn April in this episode of Trend Watch as she shares a build, buy, rent approach when it comes to filling in-demand roles in areas like software, cybersecurity and data analytics. The build approach involves upskilling current talent and moving people up using professional development resources. The buy approach refers to hiring net new talent and the rent approach implicates outsourcing to fill gaps or move specific projects forward. Which approach is best for your business? Watch here.

Digital Transformation: Not Just a Buzzword

Next on Trend Watch, Seth Robinson talks about digital transformation. It’s not a new word – it’s been around for a while. But why are we talking about it again, right now? Two shifts in thinking support the comeback of digital transformation. First, companies are starting to think about tech in strategic terms vs. tactical terms – applying technology to their business objectives. And second, organizations are putting more energy into investing in technology to build solutions as opposed to building computing foundations. Watch here.

More Vendor Choice: How to Leverage Your Competition

Check out Carolyn April discuss vendor relationships and the competitive landscape. The CompTIA State of the Channel 2023 report shows that vendor satisfaction is way up, compared to 2021. One of the reasons for this shift is that there’s more choice. Of course, that means more competition. In fact, when we asked channel partners who they are competing with today, online marketplaces was the no. 1 answer. But do online marketplaces have to be your primary competition? The answer is no. Watch here.

Market Trends: Technology Adoption Drives Companies to Address Skills Gaps

In this episode of Trend Watch, we follow Seth Robinson, who dives into technology adoption and how businesses across the world are dealing with their skills gaps. Seth highlights three areas where these gaps exist within most companies: Cybersecurity, cloud computing, and integration and emerging technology. With more companies going through digital transformation, companies must address how they close these gaps. Watch here.

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