'CompTIA Helped Me Run My Business'

From certifications to peer-to-peer partnerships to business resources, CompTIA helped Eric Anthony grow his MSP business and become an industry leader now helping others.

CompTIA members work with us—and each other—to build the resources and tools that demonstrate how innovative technologies help businesses be more efficient, productive, and profitable. Why do they do it? We’re going to let them explain.

In this video, Eric Anthony, director of MSP evangelism at Egynte, vice chair of CompTIA’s North America Community and chair of CompTIA’s MSP Committee, talks about how CompTIA membership has helped his business and career.

Watch now to get Eric’s perspective on how CompTIA membership can help you and your company, including:

  • Leveraging training and certifications to expand your tech expertise.
  • Access exclusive resources to enhance your operations, sales, and marketing.
  • Extend your network by finding the right partners to provide valuable insights.

Visit the We Are the CompTIA Community landing page to learn more: https://connect.comptia.org/content/lp/we-are-comptia/

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