Tech Together: How Innovative Technologies Changed How We Work—Permanently

Innovative technologies have changed the way we work, enabled the remote workforce and have likely changed the way we work permanently and will continue to do so. Find out more in a new video developed by CompTIA's Industry Advisory Councils.
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The pandemic accelerated the need for—and adoption of—the enablement of a remote workforce, but the technologies leveraged to do so have done even more than that. They’ve likely changed the way we work permanently.

A new video developed by CompTIA’s Industry Advisory Councils helps to illustrate how these technologies, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity, drones, internet of things, and SaaS-based business applications, have changed our lives—and will continue to do so going forward, according to council members.

“One of the big things for us putting this video together was not necessary to show remote work, but the future of work and how we can empower modern businesses to be more successful. Remote work emerged as an opportunity because technology enabled us to do so,” said Juan Fernandez, CEO of MSP Growth Coalition and co-chair of CompTIA’s Channel Development Advisory Council.

In fact, remote workers will soon be surrounded by innovative technologies that improve their lives and increase work efficiencies, according to Jill Klein, head of emerging technology and IoT at Sirius, a CDW company.

“We believe this is the time for industries to evaluate and transform their workstreams to reduce cost and great better more resilient work streams,” said Klein.

Many of the technologies, or at least the applications of the technologies, didn’t exist or weren’t well-known just a few short years ago. Now they are stable enough to rely on as functional tools and productivity mechanisms, Fernandez said.

“Having conversations around these new things and showing use cases about how they can be utilized and delivered is really the story. What does is show the evolution of the need, but also how tech met the need of this modern era,” he said.

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A Use Case for Innovation

Council members hope MSPs use the video as another tool to show prospects and customers what AI, blockchain, cybersecurity, drone, IoT and SaaS technologies can do—not by themselves but how they work together to help solve business problems.

“The way these technologies are delivered is like connective tissue. A lot of people don’t realize the interesting things we can do today. We want to illustrate the more we know about the capacity and capabilities of technologies gives us the opportunity to do more,” Fernandez said. “It’s a good educational video. I think a lot of people don’t know how the tech works. They can use it as a ‘for-instance’ reference in any of their talk tracks to show here’s what modern businesses are doing in a changing world,” Fernandez said.

You don’t have to be an AI, blockchain or drone expert to find the video valuable, Fernandez said. But you should understand what the technologies can do and where opportunities lie.

“Not everybody is meant to do new emerging tech, but we need to recognize that there are opportunities and how we can build on these opportunities,” Fernandez said. “The TechTogether 2.0 video gives MSPs a way to say ‘I can fill a gap to support customers in this new modern era.’ Connectivity gives them paths to be successful through monitoring, managing, implementation opportunities. There’s a whole new basket of opportunity to not do the same things we did yesterday. It’s brain food for what should I be doing next and how should I prepare myself for success.”

Before we know it, technologies such as AI, blockchain, cybersecurity, drones, IoT and SaaS applications will be foundational for clients to remain competitive and profitable, said Klein. “Helping clients adopt these game changers needs to start with the client business goals.  Now more than ever, we need to align with the business needs of our clients to enable this pivot to profitability with emerging technologies.”

Collaboration in Action

The video marked the first time that CompTIA’s Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Business Applications, Channel Development, Cybersecurity, Drones, and IoT Advisory Councils all worked together on a project.

“CompTIA has created a unique means for industry leaders to collaborate via their councils’ program. The thought leadership that is produced via these teams is remarkable and unbeatable,” Klein said.

The collaboration between council members helped foster a camaraderie that will serve well on future projects too, Fernandez said.

“Everyone tried to help as much as possible, even though it was a tumultuous time for MSPs and small businesses. We were able to forge new relationships and the video is the result of that,” Fernandez said. “It was great to see everyone talk about solutions in their respective ways. So many thought leaders with different backgrounds solving problems came together. There was such a huge outpouring of insights and information. I learned a lot and I was proud of banding together for a single cause to have the biggest impact for the greatest good.”

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