The Perks of Living in a UK Tech Town—Even if You’re Not an IT Pro

You don't have to work in IT to benefit from living in a UK Tech Town. Two members of CompTIA’s UK Business Technology Community share how their careers in the tech sector have thrived in top UK Tech Towns Birmingham and Manchester.
Like so many industries, there’s no question that the landscape of technology jobs has changed over the past year with remote work becoming the norm for so many employees. But if anyone can perform a tech job from almost anywhere, does location still matter? According to two members of CompTIA’s UK Business Technology Community who live in two cities that landed near the top of the 2nd annual UK Tech Town Index, it does.

Recently Vanti CEO Mike Brooman, who lives in Birmingham, the No. 2 Tech Town in the UK, and Robert Gibbons, business development manager at CARA Technology, a resident of Manchester, Tech Town no. 4, joined Kelly Stone, senior director of global social media at CompTIA, to talk about why they love living in a Tech Town and how being in a prime location has contributed to their careers in technology.

Brooman and Gibbons also discuss how being located in a Tech Town isn’t just about career opportunities in technology—businesses can benefit too. Listen to their advice on tech recruiting and retention and whether or not relocating to a Tech Town is a worthwhile consideration for those seeking a career in technology. 
Check out CompTIA’s 2nd annual UK Tech Town Index, which looks at employment opportunities, livability factors and opportunity costs to rank the top 10 cities for IT pros to live and work in 2020. Factors such as the number of locally posted IT job postings, projected job growth and reported cost of living in travel to work areas (TTWAs) across the UK were evaluated. Download the report to see the top 10 UK Tech Towns.

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