Intro To Tech


Understand the IT Industry

This collection paints a full picture for people who are exploring technology, plus tips and webinar-sized bites of information for those already work in technology.

Watch and Learn: Videos

  • Dream IT: There’s a Place For You In IT
    This 15-minute video captures the message of Dream IT: There are opportunities for everyone in information technology. Share this video with students and follow it up with a group discussion.

  • Why These Young Women Are Pursuing Technology
    This video highlights the learning experiences and future plans of high school women from Chicago Tech Academy, an Illinois STEM school also known as ChiTech.

  • IT Is “Definitely Worth It”
    Hear young women from the United Kingdom share their love for computer science, and why technology is “definitely worth it.”

Path To A Career

  • Consider a Career in IT
    This video captures the message of Dream IT: There are opportunities for everyone in information technology. Share this video with students and follow it up with a group discussion.

  • Your Can Do IT Graphic
    Scroll through this colorful graphic to learn about the great pay and flexible lifestyle you can command by working in IT.

  • Make Tech Her Story
    In 2015, just 25 percent of the 5.1 million people working in IT were women, according to CompTIA’s thorough research on gender inequality in IT. Dig into the numbers in the Make Tech Her Story project, paired with interactive avatar building and interviews with young women about their curiosity and interest in technology.

  • Test Drive an IT Career
    Check out different jobs you could try in technology with the Test Drive an IT Career video series.

  • Join the Technology Revolution
    Technology can involve problem-solving, growth and even travel — hear from women in Australia and New Zealand about why they love the industry.

  • Launch Your Career with CompTIA Certifications
    With a CompTIA certification, you’ll have the skills wanted by employers around the world, giving you the boost over your competition.

  • CompTIA IT Certification Roadmap
    CompTIA’s IT Certification Roadmap will help you map your path toward success in technology

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About The IT Industry

  • What is Technology?
    Technology is about using computers to store, move and manipulate data, but it’s also hands-on, creative and fun. Use technology to make things happen in everything from design and music to engineering and urban planning.

  • IT Industry Outlook
    All you need to know about an industry expected to reach $3.8 trillion, this year, plus details on the channel ecosystem, from solution providers and MSPs to VARs, vendors, distributors and cloud service providers.

  • Focus: Women in IT
    This colorful and informational roundup of statistics from the National Center for Women and Information Technology shows the number of women in IT in 1985 versus today, and the percentage of female biochemistry finalists in the Intel Science and Engineering Fair.

Webinars for Women in Technology

  • AWIT Webinars
    Use this link to stay current on women in technology. AWIT’s ongoing webinar series tackles ways to advance your career using communication, hard work and a few tricks of the trade.

  • Be Strong, Stand Up, Stand Out – 4 Parts
    Use social media to advance your personal growth and career success by identifying and maximizing your strengths, and aligning your life and career to a personal vision.

  • Mentoring and How It Can Help
    A mentor speaks to you, guides you, advises you. A sponsor speaks about you and champions you behind closed doors. In this webinar we will explore how you can use mentoring and sponsorship to maximize your IT career.

  • Reducing Unconscious Bias Towards Women
    Join Elizabeth K. Eger to learn how unconscious bias discourages women and other underrepresented individuals from pursuing education and careers in technology.

9 Tips for IT Success

  • Contract to Gain Experience
    Contracting is a great way to gain and build your resume. Many businesses will pass you over for other technicians if your experience is light, so add some projects to your resume by working the contracting game.

  • Create a Powerful Resume
    IT recruiting is very specific, and recruiters are looking for candidates with skill sets that align to a hiring manager’s needs. A well-formatted, easy-to-read resume is critical to attract and grab the reader’s attention.

  • Get Involved, Build Connections
    The more people you talk to the sooner you get to the people who can help you. Use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to connect with people online, and when you meet someone in person, go the extra mile to send a follow-up hello or thank you. Stand out to look interested and interesting.

  • Learn Financial Terms
    Success is measured on a balance sheet, a profit and loss statement, year-over-year growth, ROI and a host of other terms. Build a functional knowledge of finance and learn to tell the story of your contributions through metrics.

  • Market Yourself Well
    Present yourself as a competent and capable employee through your online presence, resume and LinkedIn page. When you can, tailor everything for the job that you’re applying for.

  • Praise Others
    Speak positively, whether in meetings or one-on-one interactions, and develop a reputation as the person who recognizes good work and does not redirect blame.

  • Schedule Both Sides of Life
    Keep your personal and work events — from plays and picnics to staff meetings and webinars — on the same schedule to help manage your schedule more efficiently, avoid cancellations and plan for the future.

  • Stay Fit, Stay Focused
    Watch your time management skills, mental performance and ability to meet deadlines improve when you add exercise to your life. This isn’t just advice for work, it’s advice for life.

  • Telecommute to Save Time
    Telecommuting is popular in IT because many projects are measured by the end-product rather than what time you punch in and out. Consider telecommuting if it’s offered, or use it as a bargaining chip during your hiring negotiations. It can help regulate your work/life balance, though it doesn’t double as free daycare.