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The North America Community provides technology business owners and the professionals working for these companies in the United States and Canada a vendor-neutral gathering place where they can connect with peers; give back to the industry; and access the resources and guidance needed to grow their businesses.

If you are a CompTIA member in the US or Canada, your member benefits include being a part of this community. If you are not a member, join here or contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Join a Committee

Members of the North America Community can choose to get involved with one or more committees dedicated to an important technology industry topic. Committee members participate in initiatives, provide thought leadership and work together to solve common business problems. Current North America Committees include:

  • DEI Committee: Focused on technology workforce issues, including diversity, equity and inclusion in the tech industry
  • Cybersecurity Committee: Focused on helping tech businesses strengthen and build a cybersecurity strategy
  • Emerging Technology Committee: Focused on identifying business use cases for transformative technology solutions
  • Managed Services Committee: Focused on sharing best practices and business strategies for managed services providers

North America Community members can log into their member portal and opt in to participate in committees.

How We’re Making an Impact 

The North America Community is an open, vendor-neutral forum where members can build and expand their businesses and connect with others to create a stronger, thriving technology industry. We offer meetings, events and initiatives in a vendor-neutral environment that highlight thought leadership and business guidance through networking, collaboration, peer-to-peer learning and best practice sharing in order to:

  • Advance technology businesses and the customers they serve.
  • Promote innovative technologies and highlight business use cases.
  • Promote organizational diversity to create a fair and equitable workforce.
  • Strengthen the technology industry through cybersecurity best practices.


Every regional community is guided by an executive council, made up of leaders chosen from the community by community members. The executive council, which includes a chair and vice chair, collaborates with CompTIA to establish the community's priorities, initiatives and strategies.


Rita Loncar


Head of Strategic Accounts and Federal Government Sales,
Check Point Software Technologies

Eric Anthony

Eric Anthony

Vice Chair

Partner Engagement Director,

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