blockchain advisory council

Blockchain & Web3 Advisory Council

Who We Are

CompTIA’s Blockchain & Web3 Advisory Council brings together thought leaders and innovators to identify how Channel partners and clients can leverage blockchain technology in their business cases. With representatives from supply chain consulting, software development and consulting, legal, marketing, educational, business-to-business and business-to-consumer organizations, we are well positioned to address the pain points which can be mitigated by blockchain technology.

What We Stand For

The Council believes the adoption of blockchain technology brings tremendous opportunity—and challenges. We are committed to building the strategies and resources necessary to help any business leverage blockchain to be more successful. We seek to offer guidance on these questions:

  • What is blockchain?
  • What do terms like cryptographic signature, consensus algorithms and distributed ledger technology mean?
  • What are some of the myths (and truths) about blockchain technology?
  • When is blockchain right for your business system?
  • What expertise do you need to implement a blockchain-based system?
  • What are the legal, regulatory and financial implications of a blockchain system?
  • What are some sample use cases of blockchain?

How We’re Making an Impact

The Blockchain and Web3 Advisory Council develops best practices, use cases and other resources that can be used by anyone developing, selling or influencing blockchain solutions. We’re on the front lines evangelizing the technology that’s redefining the concept of currency, disrupting the entire financial industry and shaking up business applications.

In addition, because blockchain is a foundational technology, but not a complete solution, the Council is collaborating with CompTIA’s other industry advisory councils to further study how blockchain can be leveraged throughout the Channel, including by drones, artificial intelligence, business applications and internet of things. Together, we are working to foster greater integration and innovation of emerging technologies.


Wes Jensen Headshot 2023 (1)

Wes Jensen


Board Member,

Curtis O'Neal Headshot- SIS2022 (1)

Curtis O'Neal



Kaitie Zhee - Blockchain Headshot2023

Kaitie Zhee

Vice Chair

Web3 Cloud X

Elena Dumitrascu - BAAC

Elena Dumitrascu

Past Chair


Jeremy Beal - Blockchain Advisory Council Headshot

Jeremy Beal

P2P Cloud

Steve Henley Headshot - Blockchain And Web3 Advisory Council

Steve Henley

Director BMM Program & Applications,
Government Blockchain Association

Ashutosh Pande - 2024 Blockchain N Web3 Advisory Council Website Headshot

Ashu Pande

Founding Partner,
DAY Advisors

Ian Staley - 2024 Blockchain N Web3 Advisory Council Website Headshot

Ian Staley

Vice President of DLT Enterprise Architecture,
Wells Fargo Bank, NA

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