Top 10 Member Education Courses for MSPs

CompTIA Industry Education courses are self-serve, self-paced and can be found in the CompTIA Community Member Learning Portal.

Top 10 Member Education Courses to Grow Your Business NowIf you’re a managed services provider (MSP) looking to achieve growth goals this year, don’t underestimate the power of education. Strategic planning is what will guide your business toward its goals, but education will inform your strategy.

One of the most popular and highly rated benefits of being a CompTIA Community member is CompTIA Industry Education. Members can utilize this vendor-neutral training with on-demand courses designed to promote best practices and drive business growth.

“CompTIA member education courses are drawn from the most credible industry research, focus on best practices that drive business outcomes and are designed to be actionable, with concrete steps members can take to implement what they have learned,” said Stephanie Morgan, PhD, senior director, industry education at CompTIA. “In addition, they are developed with CompTIA subject matter expert members who know what their peers need to succeed.”

CompTIA Industry Education is divided into four categories:

  • Operations & Finance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Technology (including cybersecurity)
  • Channel Ecosystems

All courses are self-serve and self-paced and can be found in the Member Learning Portal. Check out the top 10 member education courses for MSPs—and two bonus courses for vendors.

New! Sharpening Your Financial Acumen for Business Growth

This isn’t your basic financial management course. Help many roles within your MSP focus on growing margin, setting benchmarks and stopping profit leaks, thereby strengthening your financial performance, position and health.

Scaling Your MSP Business for Growth – ANZ version available!

Just getting started as an MSP? Then you need this CompTIA member education classic. You’ll understand the challenges that newer small and medium-sized MSPs face in growing their businesses and how to solve them.

“Being an MSP can be hard because we traditionally learn lessons the hard way by making mistakes and improving in our own bubble. CompTIA provides a space for MSPs to learn from their peers, rivals and vendors with no fear of being judged or sold to.”

-Patrick Burgess, technical director, Nutbourne, Ltd. and CompTIA instructor

Selling Tech Solutions for Increased Revenue

This e-learning guide takes MSP leaders through a proven pathway to profitable, predictable and sustainable solutions sales growth. Looking to transform your business into a profitable reoccurring revenue model? This course is for you.

Maximizing Operational Efficiency

Take this course to learn how to implement efficient best practices and advance your MSP’s mission and vision. This is your chance to tighten up the ship to focus on growth rather than repeatedly reinventing the wheel.

“If you want to learn a new skill to take your business forward, I’d highly recommend you look at these courses; it’s a great member benefit!”

-Tracy Pound, director, Maximity and CompTIA instructor

Achieving Competitive Advantage through Business Resilience

Business resilience is more than BCDR and a cyber plan; it is a business differentiator. This course illustrates how to withstand and recover from disruptions while continuing to provide critical client services.

Defining a Business Strategy for the New Competitive Landscape

Move from reactive tactics to a proactive strategy. In this course you’ll learn how to analyze competitive landscape trends, optimize your company mission and value statement, and implement and measure against a strategic plan.

Maximizing Your Vendor Relationships

Getting the most out of vendor relationships can be an untapped way to grow margin. This course will teach you how to find quality vendor-partners, vet them and get the maximum benefit from the relationship.

“These courses are one of our many secret weapons to help train staff at ShowTech Solutions. The courses range from How to Maintain Operational Efficiency in Your MSP to Creating Compensation Plans, How to Sell Solutions and much more! These types of courses help keep my team running at peak efficiency.”

-Charles Love, director of operations, ShowTech Solutions

Demonstrating Your Cybersecurity Value – UK&I version available!

It can be hard to show the value of so-called “invisible” services, but it is crucial to your success and your clients’ security. Take this course to learn how to communicate your cybersecurity expertise and efforts in ways that stakeholders value.

Creating Effective Compensation Plans

Sales compensation isn’t one-size-fits-all; it should align with your business goals. Learn how to right-fit compensation plans for sales team members, align compensation for those in operations and establish phased goals to manage compensation plan change resistance.

Minimizing Churn with Onboarding and Customer Success Planning

It is cheaper to retain a customer than find a new one! Take this course to understand churn and what it’s costing you. Learn how to craft an impactful onboarding strategy and build customer success programs that can make a difference.

Bonus! Vendor Education: Building an Indirect Sales Channel

This course, designed for vendors and distributors, will help high-level CAMS and business development focus on implementing best practices in their channel, including everything  from assessment to successful implementation.

Bonus! Vendor Education: Navigating the Technology Channel

Perfect for any member of the team who is new to the tech channel, be it an experienced network architect or sales support staff, this course will help you understand the fundamentals of the technology channel ecosystem and how you fit in.

Ready to get started? Take a look at the full slate of member education courses. Members can continue learning by logging into the Member Learning Portal.

Not yet a member? If you wish to access training resources, consider becoming a CompTIA company member. You can join here or reach contact a member representative at [email protected].

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