10 Tech Trends You Should Be Watching

From Internet of Things to artificial intelligence, these innovations have the greatest potential to make near-term impacts on business.

tech money thumbThere’s a broad range of new tech out there; with a lot of noise in the media seeking to convince you, the business owner, that each one is the next big thing. It can be difficult to know if you’re looking at the future of tech, a get-rich quick scheme or something in between.

So, CompTIA’s new Emerging Technology Community, made up of industry executives and thought leaders, is here to help. The community encourages the adoption of new and emerging technologies to improve business outcomes, but in a rational, thoughtful way that makes sense for tech companies and their customers alike.

Among all the innovations generating a buzz now, community leaders have identified 10 with the potential to make the greatest immediate impact on business operations for customers and to create business opportunities for companies advancing the business of technology. Don’t believe the hype. Start here:

  1. Internet of Things
  2. Automation
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality
  5. 5G Wireless
  6. 3D Printing
  7. Drones
  8. Biometrics
  9. Blockchain
  10. Quantum Computing

“These 10 technologies were stack-ranked by partners who are engaging with customers and finding interesting niches in the market,” said Jay McBain, principal analyst, global channels, Forrester, and vice chairman of the CompTIA Emerging Technology Community. “The channel is looking to cut through the consumer hype and build practices around those technologies that provide near-term and profitable extensions to their businesses.”

Get this stack-ranked list any way that works for you: The group’s top 10 list is available in both infographic and video formats, or check it out right here:


The community is developing guidance for organizations on the factors to consider when contemplating which emerging technologies are best for them, whether as a seller of technology solutions or as a consumer of emerging tech. This includes examining the competencies and dependencies that they will need to know before they can properly engage with emerging technologies.

Click here to learn more about the CompTIA Emerging Technology Community or to get involved with the group.

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