Deliver Better Customer Experiences by Building Brand Super Fans

Delivering exceptional customer service is all about remembering the role you play in sharing client success—and making great on the promises of service.

Delivering Exceptional Customer Service(1)In today’s fast-paced world, companies of all sizes are looking to scale. They want to drive success in the most effective ways. Client case studies show that customers will stick around when the customer experience is superior and the vendor that they hire is capable of keeping up with their growth.

Clients of MSPs are choosing to focus their business and curate partnerships with companies that can provide both the needed support and the best customer experience. Delivering exceptional customer service is all about remembering the role you play in sharing their success, and making not just good, but great on the promises of service.

Measuring Customer Experiences

One of the first steps to curating excellent customer experiences is measuring success and improvement points. Positive customer experiences can be quantifiable in terms of driving more clients to your business. Referrals from current clients can be one of the best ways to traffic inquiries. When it comes to technology solution companies, prospects look to testimonials from current customers for a sense of what their relationship with your company may be like.

Companies should break measuring success into two separate groups or ways of thinking, Julian Lumpkin, founder and CEO of SuccessKit says. The first way is to look at how you’re doing for your clients as a whole, Lumpkin said. Ask questions like, "Where does your experience fall on a scale of one to 10?" Doing this allows the business to understand what is working and what isn’t in order to improve customer experiences.

The second way of thinking is measuring how many true “super clients” you have. These are the people who will give your business regular referrals. This then determines who the best clients are to partner with and feature in a case study or video about their positive experience. It allows companies to measure both overall customer satisfaction and how many clients the business is turning into true super clients.

Driving a Competitive Edge

Committed customers are the ones who lead new customers to your product. When you can provide exceptional customer experiences, you are more likely to edge out competitors. Delivering on the promise of exceptional customer service not only leaves a positive experience in the client’s mind but also generates potential leads as recommendations.

Quality customer service is also about anticipating the client's needs and providing services that can help drive success. No matter the size of the company, study after study confirms customer experience is the number one driver for a competitive edge. Companies are often searching for services to help drive their revenue and streamline their operations more effectively, but they are also searching out services that can provide the support that they need when they need it.

While many companies rely heavily on their technology and automating their processes, this can limit human interaction and make customers feel more like a revenue generator rather than a valued client.

“The most important strategy to delivering customer experience is to work with your team,” Lumpkin said. “It's a bit of a cliche, but like they say, you take care of your employees and your employees take care of your customers. One of the most important things you can do is build a culture around taking care of your customers. That starts by treating your employees as if they're customers, in the sense that your job is to make their life easier.”

Leveraging Customer Feedback

Customer feedback can be a pain point while working to establish credibility within your industry. It can also help MSPs improve their service offerings in order to better drive their customer experiences.

“When you are just starting out, interestingly, one of the things a lot of entrepreneurs do wrong when they build their business is their reaction when it comes to feedback,” Lumpkin said. “You’re just starting and trying to build a business, and you get one negative complaint and you just want to turn everything upside down and overcorrect.”

Lumpkin says that growth comes from becoming more systematic about how you handle negative feedback. “The people who complain aren’t often the best customers.” On one hand, the client wants your services at a more cost-efficient price. On the other, there may be critiques that heavily influence your business concepts.”

Lumpkin believes you have to weigh the more content voices with the loudest ones and determine what the best step forward is for both your business and your partners’ success. This can be leveraged by amplifying testimonials for your business through marketing efforts and taking critical feedback into consideration to improve overall customer experiences.

Boosting Customer Experience

Delivering great customer experiences that result in building brand super fans often begins with using some tools and strategies across all of your teams.

“The four tools I rely on every day include partner relationship management (PRM) for automating training and onboarding partners, a CRM tool, an artificial intelligence (AI) bot tool to record client calls and any unified communication tool for internal and external channels,” says Jose Medeiros, senior sales engineer at Zift Solutions.

The tools that an organization implements into their processes should be built with effective strategies that put the customer first. Internally unifying strategies is necessary in order to consistently deliver great customer experiences. This can be done by creating a proper onboarding experience for your employees. Your employees are often the cultural standard for the client experience.

Ultimately, the tools that teams use will differ, but the goals of how they are used should be geared toward optimizing the customer experience process. This can help you make more time for human touchpoints, focus on your product end users and build brand super fans.

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