Top 10 Challenges Facing Technology in 2024

Hindsight is 20/20, but instilling forward thinking can be more difficult. Let’s take a look at the main issues facing technology in 2024.

Top 10 Challenges Facing Technology in 2024Technology is woven into the very fabric of our daily lives. We use it to shop, work, entertain and have fun. But the interwoven nature of technology doesn’t come without cost. Although there are undeniable benefits to technology, there are still many hurdles to overcome. Hindsight is 20/20, but instilling forward thinking can be more difficult.

What Are Current IT Issues?

Technology is ever-present, and while there have been successes, there have also been setbacks.  Despite those hurdles, we are still facing an era of unprecedented growth and innovation. Let’s take a look at the main issues facing technology in 2024.

Generative AI Becomes Widespread               

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) took the world by storm in 2023. ChatGPT gave the world utilization of AI at no cost. This innovative technology can do many things that were previously only possible as a means of human output. ChatGPT can write your resume, answer customer queries, create lesson plans, develop code and even provide the makings of a passable essay. But organizations have yet to understand the implications for our workforce and how it can best be applied to business operations. There is also the issue of validity and AI hallucinations. It still remains to be seen exactly how generative AI will impact search and cyber resilience in the coming year, but it will remain a point of focus as we head into 2024.

Sustainable Technology Comes Into Clear Focus

Gone are the days of overconsumption and turning a blind eye towards the way our technology use is impacting the planet. Using technology in a socially responsible manner will no longer be seen as a luxury, but a requirement. In fact, Gartner shows that sustainable technology ranks among the top ten trends for 2024, further predicting that CIO compensation will likely be tied to environmental sustainability efforts. Green technology is definitely a rising issue in 2024.

Platform Engineering Takes the Lead

Platform engineering is an emerging discipline that provides more self-service options for software engineers. With platform engineering, software developers no longer bear the full burden of anticipating the needs of the entire application lifecycle. Alternatively, platform engineering reduces the complexity of software development and aligns applications to needs. Platform engineering is anticipated to provide business value by creating reusable tools and functionality for the software development process. Gartner predicts that 80% of enterprises will have platform teams by 2026.

AI Trust, Risk, Security Move to the Forefront

Artificial intelligence is no passing hype. Although we are still in the early stages of our journey, AI shows no signs of slowing. While 35% of companies reported actively using AI in 2023, another 42% reported plans for future implementation. But in its current state, there is still a fair amount of distrust, risk and security gaps that will need to be addressed. Recent statistics from Pew Research shows that more than half of Americans (52%) are more concerned about AI than excited, a number that has continually grown over the last three years. To truly raise trust in AI, we’ll need greater security measures and risk mitigation.

Quantum Computing Moves From Idea to Reality

IBM’s recent Quantum Summit in New York promised real progress in the quantum-computing field in 2024. On December 4, 2023, IBM made assurances that 2024 would be a disruptive year for quantum computing, ensuring groundbreaking advances and an innovative quantum processor which is expected to change the game. Enter the cloud-native era, and quantum computing now has critical access to next-level computing power which will take quantum computing to new heights.

Spatial Computing Makes New Strides

Spatial computing is swiftly making the lane change from sci-fi theory into reality. Statista estimates that 1.4 billion devices will be enabled with spatial computing by 2024. Spatial computing is expected to explode as advances in technology allow for the realization of spatial-computing applications. Enabling new user experiences in the metaverse, spatial computing has the potential to usher us into the next era of user-based technology.

Technical Debt Will Take a Back Seat to Technical Wellness

In years past, technical debt has reared its ugly head, creating problems that are a direct result of previous shortcuts. In 2024, organizations will make the move from debt to wellness. With advancements in multi-cloud and hybrid environments, businesses will embrace more agility, paving the way for technical wellness over debt. Moving forward, architecture will continue to be tailor made which has the power to limit future technical debt.

Edge AI Will Be a Game Changer

Next-gen applications will only be possible with edge AI. This term refers to the partnership between edge computing and AI where processes take place outside of data centers and are conducted on devices closer to their data origination. Reduced latency, seamless experiences and greater access make edge AI one of the most exciting technologies that should be watched in 2024.

Cyber Resilience Takes the Lead Over Avoidance

A cyberattack takes place once every 39 seconds. As cyber incidents move from anticipated to inevitable, organizations will move towards embracing cyber resilience over avoidance. Cyber resilience involves building a security-first culture that no longer encourages demonizing of reporting and instead embraces more robust disaster recovery and preparedness measures to ensure that your organization can withstand an attack when it inevitably does occur.

IT Talent Still Fails to Meet Demand

There remains an IT skills gap as we head into 2024. As with years past, education and upskilling hasn’t kept pace with the rate of innovation in organizations who are choosing digital transformation over stagnation. So how can companies keep up? The challenge, as always, lies in our ability to provide a workforce pipeline that aligns with business needs. Organizations in 2024 will need to provide the necessary educational and upskilling pathways to ensure we have the skills to manage future challenges, those in 2024 and beyond.

What Is the Solution to IT-Related Problems?

Clearly there isn’t one singular answer to the technology issues we face. The path to get there isn’t a straight line. But as we continue into 2024 and beyond, technology has a prominent role to play in how we work, how we play and how we live. Tech organizations will need to approach these challenges with a responsible mindset to ensure we continue to grow and innovate while keeping users safe.

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