ChannelCon Pro Tip: Bring Your Team

There’s so much going on at CompTIA ChannelCon. Here’s a pro tip, don’t go it alone! Bring your team and maximize your experience.

ChannelCon Pro Tip Bring Your Team v2CompTIA ChannelCon is the premier event for professionals in the technology channel. Only at ChannelCon can you plug into 60+ concurrent sessions and workshops, four education tracks specifically designed to meet your needs and five general sessions focused on industry trends.

It may sound a little overwhelming—but it doesn’t have to be. Whether ChannelCon 2024 (in Atlanta July 30 – August 1) is your first experience or tenth experience, here’s a pro tip: Don’t go it alone, bring your team!

If you’re a CompTIA Community member, ChannelCon registration for you and every single person in your company is included in your membership dues. (And if you’re not yet a member, there’s some great incentives to attend.) Why wouldn’t you take advantage of this benefit? Sync in to the power of the CompTIA Community and hold your own offsite meeting with us at ChannelCon!

Why Hold an Offsite Team Meeting?

Of course, you already hold regular team meetings. Why should you consider an offsite meeting? Here are 6 benefits of gathering your team at an event like CompTIA ChannelCon:

  • Build stronger relationships. Gathering together, in person, at an event like ChannelCon allows memories to be made—and shared experiences bond teams.
  • Encourage collaboration. Sometimes the best ideas are born outside of the office. A change of scenery can spark new friendships that, in turn, nurture teamwork.
  • Enhance communication. Conversations held in person just feel different. When you can look someone in the eye and read their nonverbal cues, you get more out of the discussion.
  • Establish alignment. An offsite meeting is a great opportunity to step back from your typical day-to-day conversations and look at the big picture, together.
  • Solve problems. Talking about pain points, finding solutions and making decisions are all easier when you have everyone in the same place at the same time.
  • Learn something new. When you hold your meeting at an event like ChannelCon, you expose yourself (and your team) to new learning opportunities.

The Perks of Holding Your Team Meeting at ChannelCon

ChannelCon 2023 IM1_2513At ChannelCon, you’ll learn best practices for growing your technology business, gain access to the resources and knowledge needed to unlock your potential in key growth areas and connect to peer-to-peer knowledge sharing with people, like you, who are working in this business every day. And when you bring your team, you’re amplifying that experience because you can:

  • Divide and conquer. Take a look at the ChannelCon agenda, assign your staff to cover different biz tech and cybersecurity sessions and report back to the team.
  • Set up meetings with partners. Dedicate time to walk the Technology Vendor Fair and set up meetings with existing partners and potential new partners.
  • Engage your staff with the CompTIA Community. Encourage participation in sessions and involvement in groups of interest that align with professional development goals.
  • Promote your presence. Show your customers (and competitors) that you are part of the premier technology event by encouraging staff to post on social media.
  • Leverage in-person time. The ChannelCon Think and Drink lounge is an intentional space for informal meetings.
  • Take advantage of the fun. ChannelCon features 8+ networking lunches, receptions and special events—including our legendary party. You don’t have to plan anything!
  • Energize your team. ChannelCon is an inspiring and motivating event for anyone who attends. Sync in to those good vibes and take that energy back to the office.

Why ChannelCon?

ChannelCon 2023 IM1_2535MSPs attend ChannelCon for the top-tier education programs and vendor-neutral environment. They gain insights into new technology and business strategies they can start using immediately and collaborate with colleagues to discover what’s working for their business.

Vendors, distributors and other tech industry experts attend to connect with new partners and maximize existing partnerships, participate in the highly rated Channel Account Management training and work the Technology Vendor Fair with equal focus and space for all vendors to showcase their products.

If you are already a CompTIA Community member, your registration fee is already included in your membership dues! And – that registration extends to everyone within your company. That means you don’t have to pay any extra registration fees. If you aren’t yet a member of the CompTIA Community, you have options! See how you can attend ChannelCon this year with your team.

Bring Your Team to ChannelCon 2024!
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