CompTIA Channel Standard: Cybersecurity

channel-standards5 Cybersecurity has evolved. Securing a network perimeter is just the beginning. IT organizations must be prepared for the inevitable breach. The CompTIA Channel Standard for Cybersecurity is designed to help form well thought-out plans and processes for effective response to such an incident.

This CompTIA Channel Standard – based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Cybersecurity Framework – follows the structure of grouping functional areas within five pillars of cybersecurity; identify, detect, protect, respond and recover.

The standard provides best practices for each pillar, and the workbook provides further clarification and poses questions an IT firm can ask of itself as it considers how well it achieves its goals here. Established with input from CompTIA’s IT Security Community, the CompTIA Channel Standard for Cybersecurity is an excellent resource for establishing an effective cybersecurity program.

Why Strive to Meet the Standard?

The IT industry must lead cybersecurity. The best practices recommended in this standard represent countless hours of experience and expertise. Being prepared for a security incident, with logical, well-planned strategies for mitigation and response is the only way to limit its impact. Additional service opportunities can also arise once you build a proficient security program. Not only can it become a selling point of your services, you can apply the lessons learned to clients as well.

How to Use the Standard

A full picture of considerations and recommendations is provided by the CompTIA Channel Standard for Cybersecurity and its accompanying workbook. This standard can be used in a variety of ways. Pose the questions found in the workbook to your security personnel; implement individual best practices as needed or valued; review existing procedures for continued effectiveness; or even simply gain an understanding of the types of plans industry experts recommend.