Tech Talent Road Show--Phoenix

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Complimentary Event: In 2022, Phoenix area employers, like employers everywhere, are struggling to find and retain IT and cybersecurity talent. Yet, CompTIA data suggests that there is a vast opportunity at hand to solve the local skills gap and fight "The Great Resignation" head-on...IF the workforce can rethink the ways in which it hires, skills and upskills tech workers for the realities of today and the challenges of tomorrow. Phoenix-area employers are invited to join us on April 12th at 11AM Arizona Local Time for an interactive virtual forum -- the first stop on our Tech Talent Roadshow! During this hour-long event, we will:

•  Share new findings on the local and national tech hiring and jobs markets
•  Ask attendees to share their experiences and challenges
•  Give insights into emerging global best practices around the shift from "buying talent" to investing in talent

Please Contact [email protected] with questions.

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