CompTIA Vendor Managing the Technology Channel Part 1

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Our most popular training, CompTIA Corporate Vendor Members can earn a certificate of completion in technology channel account management training with this 8-module online course. Module descriptions are listed below:

Managing the Technology Channel Part 1

  1. Defining a Successful CAM
    • Identify terminology important to a CAM.
    • Describe the skills, relationships, and environments necessary for a high-performing channel account manager. 
    • Evaluate competency and skills by completing a self-assessment.
  2. Developing a Partner Value Proposition
    • Assess capacity planning.
    • Describe the importance of creating a partner value proposition.
    • Examine information needed to build a partner value proposition.
    • Build a partner value proposition.
  3. Aligning and Prioritizing Partners
    • Compare and contrast the priorities of various decision-makers in a partner organization.
    • Identify partner priorities through discovery questions.
    • Apply best practices to align company priorities with partner priorities.
  4. Evaluating and Accelerating Productivity
    • Describe techniques to accelerate partner productivity.
    • Measure partner performance through key metrics.
    • Use best practices to accelerate productivity
  5. Building a Ramp Plan
    • Evaluate the framework of ramp phases and the partner lifecycle.
    • Identify the components of a ramp plan. 
    • Identify best practices for keeping ramp plans on track.
  6. Managing Channel Partners
    • Identify the information you need to build a partner profile.
    • Describe partner performance and partner management strategies.
    • Describe approaches for dealing with channel conflict.
    • Describe best practices for partner communication, engagement, and management.
  7. Marketing with Channel Partners
    • Describe the value of partner marketing programs.
    • Describe the CAM’s role in marketing.
    • Apply best practices for building a repeatable partner marketing system.
  8. Partner and Customer Experience
    • Identify ways to focus on the partner experience. 
    • Identify ways to focus on the customer experience. 
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