CompTIA Summer Learning Sessions 2024: Professional Development for High School IT Teachers

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CompTIA is excited to announce the CompTIA Summer Learning Sessions 2024, a three-day professional development series designed specifically for teachers in the IT education sector. These sessions aim to enhance teaching methodologies, improve student engagement, and elevate the overall learning experience in IT education. Led by Johnny Carrera and supported by additional CompTIA team members, these sessions will provide invaluable insights and resources for educators. 

Cost: $100 for individual teachers, $75 per teacher for districts registering 2 or more teachers

Registering 2 or more teachers? Use code Summer24 to receive the discounted rate of $75 per teacher.

Day 1 June 19, 2024 at 1:00 PM EDT:
"Teachers—How to Effectively Learn IT Content for Yourself" 
Objective: Equip teachers with strategies and resources to enhance their own understanding of IT content. 
  •  Overview of CompTIA learning materials and how to utilize them 
  •  Planning your personal learning journey in IT 
  •  Tips for preparing for certification tests as an educator 
  •  Utilizing reporting tools to track personal progress 

Day 2 June 26, 2024 at 1:00 PM EDT:
"Effective Teaching Strategies for Your IT Students" 
Objective: Explore teaching methodologies that foster an engaging and effective learning environment for IT students. 
  •  Planning class timing and curriculum flow 
  •  Best practices for preparing students for certification tests 
  •  Engaging students with practical exercises and real-world scenarios 
  •  Using reporting to understand students' learning stories 

Day 3 July 10, 2024 at 1:00 PM EDT:
"Master Session—Taking Your Students' Learning and Engagement to the Next Level" 
Objective: Dive deeper into advanced strategies for maximizing student engagement and learning outcomes. 
  •  Innovative ways to engage students away from the screen 
  •  Promoting your IT program and building it into a multiple certification pathway 
  •  Leveraging CompTIA resources for enhanced classroom learning 
  •  Creating a community of practice among students 

Please contact Brooke Wheeler with questions

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