CompTIA ANZ and ASEAN Interest Group Call - I Bought Anti-Virus – I’m All Sorted! Aren't I?

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Enterprise and larger mid-market organisations have had security on their board agendas for a while and, thus have been taking appropriate actions within their businesses. What about smaller businesses? Many seem ambivalent to the message. I bought anti-virus – I’m all sorted! Aren't I?
Many need to understand the Director's risk. How can we address this?

There's a lot to unpack on this topic and with changes facing businesses in the near future, this is a 1-hour panel discussion you won't want to miss!  

Take advantage of this session, connect with like-minded industry peers and join the conversation.

Register today & we'll see you June 25th.

10am Perth / Singapore time
12pm Sydney time
2pm NZ time

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