CompTIA's Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Interest Group Presents: Understanding Menopause: A Guide for Everyone

As part of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Interest Group, we’re excited to invite you to the first episode of our DEI mini-series, which will focus on various aspects of health that impact people across the gender spectrum. Our initial session is titled "Understanding Menopause: A Guide for Everyone." Menopause is a topic that many of us will encounter, whether personally or through someone we know. It's not just a personal issue; in the UK, for instance, new guidelines suggest that if menopause symptoms are severe enough to be considered a disability, employers are legally required to make reasonable adjustments. So, what do all employers need to know, and how can they translate the legislation to individuals in their teams that may be experiencing the symptoms of menopause?

Join us for this session on 22 May from 3-4pm BST to hear Hannah Lloyd of In-Soc (Chair of our DEI interest group) in conversation with Rachel Williams of Zest Lifestyle about employer legislation around menopause. They will cover:

  • What changes occur in the body during menopause
  • The variety of symptoms and the absence of a universal solution
  • How menopause can affect your workforce
  • Your responsibilities as a supportive employer.

This session is open to all, as we strive to foster an inclusive environment and welcome diverse perspectives.

Future sessions in this mini-series will include:

  • A spotlight on health issues commonly associated with men on 19 June from 3-4pm BST
  • A spotlight on health issues commonly associated with women on 17 July from 3-4pm BST.

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