Cybersecurity & Emerging Tech in Local Government

PTI Webinar Series: Cybersecurity & Emerging Technology in Local Government

Exploring Critical Issues Facing Communities During and After the COVID-19 Crisis

As the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 crisis continue to be felt by communities around the world, local government officials have hastened their interest in and adoption of emerging tech – from cybersecurity and remote working solutions to 5G and rural broadband – as essential tools to better respond to the crisis and what many are now accepting as the “new normal.”

Discover what local officials and industry leaders did to deal with the historic pandemic in this series of dynamic webinars designed to address the pressing issues that cities and counties will be facing for months to come. You will hear from frontline city and county CIOs, practitioners, and leading experts from the emerging tech and cybersecurity communities about lessons learned and best practices.

The PTI Webinar Series is presented by CompTIA’s Public Technology Institute (PTI) in association with the National Governors Association (NGA), the National League of Cities (NLC) and NASCIO.

The Sessions:

1. Preparing for a New Normal: Emerging Tech During Crisis
Find out how CIOs from major counties deployed emerging technologies during the COVID-19 crisis while always maintaining safe and secure infrastructure to handle increased telework.
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2. Stretching the Limits: Broadband Capacity and Availability in a Crisis
Learn valuable lessons from tech leaders in Boston and suburban Washington, D.C., on what they did to keep residents and government workers connected and operating during the crisis.
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3. Safe and Secure and Equitable: The Role of Infrastructure in Supporting Telework
Hear from several local government tech leaders who understand the role cybersecurity plays in keeping counties and cities running in spite of the constant threat of ransomware attacks.
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4. Emerging Tech and New Approaches to Communicating with the Public
Learn more about how AI and other new tools can help local governments engage the public in more meaningful ways so residents and businesses are able to work together through a public health crisis.
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5. Opportunities for Collaboration: Working Together to Solve Common Challenges
Get the latest information from the National Governors Association and NASCIO on how local governments can access resources and best practices to improve operations.
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6. Hot Tech: Trends and Opportunities for Local Government
Catch these “lightning presentations” on emerging tech for local governments from leading vendors including Oracle, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Equinix, Concordus Applications, Performance Drone Works, Strategy of Things, and Software AG Government Solutions.
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