The Technology Buyer’s Journey: A Roadmap to Customer Success

Infographic - Member ContentPublished : December 09, 2019

Tags : Technology Solutions

The ability to recognize and react accordingly to each step that a customer takes along their buying journey can be critical to a seller’s success. To help solution providers achieve better customer service and increase their value to potential customers, CompTIA’s Business Applications Advisory Council and Channel Advisory Board (now the Channel Development Advisory Council) mapped out a graphical buyer’s journey infographic illustrating the roles that vendors, distributors and solution providers should play toward moving the buyer along.

The Buyer’s Journey infographic helps users understand what has changed in the modern buyer’s journey and what the new process is to better serve buyers. Read below to learn more about the buyer’s journey.

What is the buyer’s journey?

The buyer’s journey is an end-to-end visualization of the process and steps that customers take when making a technology purchase.

Why was it created?

The buyer’s journey was developed by CompTIA’s Channel Advisory Board and Business Applications Advisory Council as a resource to help solution providers, vendors and distributors determine where their customers are in the journey.

Who should use it?

The buyer’s journey was designed to provide value to almost everyone in the IT supply chain, including marketing, sales, technical and customer success teams within individual companies.

How can it help your business?

The ability to understand today’s buyer’s journey is critical to success and to ensuring long-term relationships with customers.

How do I apply it to my business?

Use the buyer’s journey as a guide. Introduce it to your marketing, sales, technical and customer success teams and ask them how the steps align to your current processes. Then analyze where you have gaps or overlap in resources and how you can fill in the gaps or reallocate resources to create a smoother journey. Talk to your customers along the way to ensure they’re proceeding along the map as expected and talk about what’s next and how you’ll help them get there.


Access the buyer’s journey and create your own path to here.

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