Quick Start to Accelerating Your Sales Strategy

Guide - Member ContentPublished : October 11, 2017

The digital economy has shifted from making deals to earning and maintaining loyal customers. In the sales process, strong qualification and discovery techniques are important since as much as 50 percent of the buying process happens online.

Businesses today are recognizing the critical role that technology plays in advancing corporate objectives. Nearly every goal – from identifying new customers to hiring a skilled workforce to exploring new products – now requires technology to move forward at a modern pace. Companies may have originally viewed transformation as an avenue for growth, but it is becoming a requirement for survival.

This recognition is happening across all industries, including industries that have traditionally not been aggressive adopters of technology. The creation of new products relies more on digital techniques, especially as those products are intelligent and connected, and customer experiences in digital spaces are now crucial for maintaining relationships. However, there is a big difference between knowing that strategic IT is needed and being able to implement it. Few companies are extremely confident in their ability to tie modern technology to their business goals.

IT sales processes must reflect the critical role technology is playing in corporate goals. Once you are at the qualification stage and have successfully solidified your target markets, prospected a new opportunity and solidified your value proposition, effective discovery is one of the most important aspects of securing a long-term contract.

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