Tips for Growing Your Tech Business

Growing your business takes planning, a proactive approach to partnering, and the ability to cultivate your personal and professional brand. In this series of infographics, created by the CompTIA ANZ Channel Community, you’ll learn prescriptive advice for tackling these three important areas of business growth.

First, for general advice and ideas, take a look at “How to Grow Your Business.” This infographic will provide you with tactics you can implement as you envision the future of your tech business—from recruiting staff with different skillsets, building better marketing programs to creating new value for your customers and expanding into new products and services.

For those who are interested in professional growth, learn “10 Ways to Cultivate Your Brand.” These simple-to-follow tips are easy to implement and can help you grow in your career.

Finally, if your business is looking to add value and build trust, creating partnerships will get you to the next level. “Partnering 101: Expanding Your Ecosystem” outlines five basic steps to get you started when it comes to finding the right partners and creating the right programs.

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How to Grow Your Business 10 Ways to Cultivate Your Brand Partnering 101

How to Grow Your Business

Nurturing a culture of growth takes planning, persistence and a proactive attitude. Here’s eight ways to get there.

Be Adaptable

Success hinges on your ability to be flexible. Don’t limit your potential. Take a look at adjacent markets to see how you can expand.

Recruit Wisely

You’re only as strong as your weakest link. Make an effort to recruit great people—and keep them! Invest in people with training and mentoring and you’ll reap the rewards.

Leverage Relationships

Land and expand with your customers. Look for new opportunities and ask for referrals with every sale or service.

Understand Demand

Do customers want your product or service? If not, it’s time to adapt and expand into other spaces. If so, leverage that need by promoting value.

Build Socials

Social media profiles serve as a type of introduction to new leads—don’t underestimate their power. Continuously develop and update your profiles to your advantage.

Utilize Skills

Ask yourself what you have to offer. Can you offer customers more than what you currently are doing? If so, make a plan to sell that as well.

Promote Value

Provide extra value instead of a discount. Giving your customer something extra instead of cutting your bottom line is a win-win for both parties and creates stickiness.

Ask for It

If you want something, ask for it! Ask for the sale, ask for referrals, ask what you can do to make your customer’s life easier.

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10 Ways to Cultivate Your Brand

You know what they say: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Here are 10 ways to grow your personal and professional brand.

Meet People

Networking is important, but it’s so much more than just showing up at events. It’s about helping others make connections and sharing your knowledge.

Be Authentic

It’s easy to spot a fake. Carry yourself with integrity and honesty and you’ll never be caught between a proverbial rock and hard place.

Keep Your Promises

It’s simple—if you say you’re going to do something, do it. Many people make promises they can’t keep. Making good on yours will set you apart in a good way.

Own Your Mistakes

We all make them. When you make a mistake, own up to it. People respect an admission of error more than a cover up or playing the blame game.

Give Credit

We’re usually not a one-man show, we have a team to back us up. When things go right credit the people who had a hand in it and say thank you. Gratitude goes a long way.

Share Yourself

It’s okay to talk about family and hobbies when meeting new people, there may be a connection that you would never have learned about.

Share Knowledge

Offering a helping hand may be one of the best ways to enhance your brand. Sharing your expertise and offering solutions is a great first step.

Say Yes

Make a habit of saying “yes” more than you say “no.” People want to associate with those who are willing to show up and help out.

Follow Up

Be consistent and follow up. It’s even okay to follow up on the follow up! Staying in touch shows that you care and the matter is top of mind.

Work at It

As with anything else in life, nothing great comes without hard work. A strong work ethic is admirable and people want to be around that kind of energy.

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Partnering 101: Expanding Your Ecosystem

Great partnering is all about adding value and building trust. Create collaborative and aligned partnerships with these best practices.

Understand Your Value

Then focus on developing that value to the fullest extent. Make sure you’re doing what you do better than any other company. Make your company the only choice.

Define Your Own Goals

Outline your organizational goals, aspirations and targets, and share them with likeminded businesses so you can achieve them together.

Find True Partners

The best partnerships play complementary roles, supply similar customers and are open to partnering.

Create Rules of Engagement

Developing clear and effective rules of engagement and customer communication allow both parties to deal with potential problems together.

Refine Your Market Proposition

Don’t stay static. Continue to tweak your value to be attractive to partner companies and stay relevant.

Download the infographics.