Strengthen Your Leadership Skills

Becoming a good leader doesn’t happen because of a job title. Successful and respected leaders know how to motivate, communicate and support their team in a variety of situations. This series of infographics, created by the CompTIA ANZ Channel Community, provides future and current leaders with some perspective on how to gain your team’s trust, earn their respect and ultimately achieve your collaborative goals.

If you’re not a manager just yet, take a look at “5 Ways to Lead When You’re Not in Charge.” This infographic will give you ideas on how to move your team forward while developing the critical leadership skills that can help you land that a management position in the future. If your team is going through organizational change, check out “How to Lead Through Disruption.” This infographic showcases five ways you can set an example for your team by embracing change and supporting your staff throughout disruption.

Everyone can benefit from “5 Traits of Today’s Successful Leaders.” Individually, these characteristics make for a great employee, but combined, these five traits translate to an exceptional leader. Take a look and evaluate how you can improve your leadership game.

5 Ways to Lead When Youre Not In Charge How to Lead Through Disruption 5 Traits of Todays Successful Leaders

5 Ways to Lead When You're Not In Charge

Becoming a good leader doesn't happen because of a job title. In fact, it's important to learn how to lead before you're a manager, director, vice president or the CEO. Here are five ways to show your leadership potential.

  • Be proactive 
    Leaders don't wait to be told what problems need to be solved. They look around and come to the table with solutions.
  • Motivate those around you
    You don’t need to be a supervisor to inspire others at work. Encourage your colleagues by being enthusiastic, willing to collaborate and be supportive.
  • Look beyond your job roll
    You won’t hear a leader say, “That’s not my job.” Leaders are willing to expand the scope of their roles in an organisation.
  • Recongise others
    It’s tempting to bask in the glow of a job well done, but a good leader knows that giving credit where credit is due builds credibility and good will.
  • Share your knowledge
    Don’t be shy about sharing your knowledge. Stepping up as an expert who’s willing to guide others will get you recognised as a leader.

How to Lead Through Disruption

Change inevitably creates disruption in organisations. A good leader manages this change, bringing order to chaos so that teams can adapt.

  • Communicate a strong vision
    Ensure your team sees the big picture and understands why change is happening.
  • Articulate the goals and your plan for success
    Without knowing the destination and having a roadmap to reach it, it’s impossible to navigate disruption.
  • Understand your team
    Some team members will adapt quickly, others will struggle. Know your staff and set realistic expectations.
  • Be consistent
    Disruption causes discomfort—the more consistency a leader can provide, the more staff will capable of working effectively through change.
  • Ensure staff is a part of the journey
    Regularly check in and ask for feedback. Those who feel they have a say in what is happening will be less likely to resist change.

5 Traits of Today's Successful Leaders

Leadership has changed as the realities of and expectations about work evolves. Here are five traits that make a leader successful today.

  • Adaptable
    In a world of constant change and disruption, good leaders must be adaptable to new ways of thinking and working.
  • Available
    Leaders today must make themselves available as mentors and advisors, guiding the next generation of workers.
  • Vulnerable
    People expect their leaders to be real people who are genuine and recognise they don’t have all the answers.
  • Empathetic
    Leaders must be perceptive, understand differences, and show empathy in our increasingly complex world.
  • Supportive
    Leaders need to understand their staff and provide the support necessary for teams and individuals to thrive.

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