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Accelerators and Barriers to AI Business Growth

The CompTIA AI Advisory Council has identified the top accelerators and barriers to growing business in the artificial intelligence space.

Business accelerators include: democratization of AI in the cloud; open-source platforms and frameworks; recognition of the solid value opportunity afforded by AI solutions; the prevalence of big data and large compute farms; increased U.S. government investment; use case awareness; and the increase of AI-related courses and diplomas included in more college curriculums.

Barriers to AI growth include: having an unclear ROI and challenges with inaccuracy; poor collaboration with AI and domain experts; complexity of AI technology; a perceived talent gap and scaling and resource capabilities; a fear of job replacement by AI technology; a lack of governance and availability of structure data sets; and organizational structures.

Download the AI Accelerators and Barriers infographic as a PDF now and click here for more information on the AI Advisory Council.

AI Council Accelerators and Barriers to Adoption Infographic