CompTIA Quick Start Guide to Managed IT Service

Guide - Member ContentPublished : July 30, 2015

Tags : Managed Services

With more information technology assets being leased from colocation firms and service providers, the need for managed IT services has skyrocketed. It’s an extremely competitive field, and with cloud resources becoming standardized commodities, it’s becoming more and more difficult for an MSP to distinguish itself and attain competitive advantage. How can you spot the opportunities for growth and profitability that others have missed? What are the practices that a successful MSP should put in place?

This Quick Start Guide puts you on a fast track to success with a six-step agenda to get you prepared, beginning with these steps:

  • Evaluate the Real Opportunity — Learn how to profile prospective clients, and tailor a unique value proposition that meets their needs like no one else can.
  • Build a Dynamic Offering or Portfolio — Assemble the right technology tools to assess your profiled clients’ current situation, and craft a set of solutions that adjusts to their changing needs.
  • Create a Successful Marketing Plan — Don’t just write up a campaign and hope it sells. Consult first with Vendor Market Development Funds (MDF) to acquire the resources you need to make a strong pitch.
  • Build a Highly Effective Sales Program — Network with other professionals in your field, to help get your pitch out by word-of-mouth.

Take the same steps that successful CompTIA member MSPs have taken in transitioning their channel firms for the new economy. Download this Quick Start Guide now, and find out what a plan for success really looks like.

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