Channel Standard: Cybersecurity

Guide - Member ContentPublished : July 22, 2016

Why is cybersecurity still being pitched to businesses as a consumable product? The infosec community believes security is an activity, not a state of being. You make your business more secure, and you improve the security of the IT channel in turn, by continually implementing the processes and policies that enhance awareness, build trust and establish confidence.

CompTIA’s Channel Standard for Cybersecurity ™ is grounded in the principles of the U.S. Commerce Dept.’s NIST Cybersecurity Framework — the world standard for best practices and integrity. This Standard gives you the right tools to make a rigorous, honest evaluation of the roles and responsibilities you and your colleagues play in maintaining resilience, preventing incursion, and responding to threats.

  • Identify the principals that comprise your organization’s IT security environment: servers, data warehouses, data centers, and cloud providers.
  • Protect those principals with access controls, training regimens, and data integrity procedures.
  • Detect the events impacting the integrity of these principals through the establishment of rigorous anomaly detection and network traffic monitoring.
  • Respond to incidents as they happen with forensic analysis, automated incident reporting, and situational awareness.
  • Recover from damaging incidents, and regain both the integrity of your services and the trust of your customers.

When you’re in compliance with the CompTIA Channel Standard for Cybersecurity, you and your channel partners will have the confidence and assurance you need to conduct business online with customers, while also maintaining the quality of their experience and consolidating their trust. Download the Standard now, and get with the program.

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