CompTIA Federal Cybersecurity Committee 2021 Year in Review


The Federal Cybersecurity Committee connects leading cybersecurity and information technology companies with key cybersecurity decision makers and stakeholders across the Federal government. It works closely with Federal departments and agencies, the White House, and Congress, to advocate for sustained Federal investment in cybersecurity and modern commercial capabilities across government and privately-owned critical infrastructure. The Committee also promotes the adoption of cybersecurity best practices and the prioritization of cybersecurity in the deployment and integration of emerging technologies.

We stand for:

  • Facilitating business relationships and networking opportunities between member companies and key Washington policymakers.
  • Keeping member companies apprised of the very latest activities and news impacting federal procurement via interactions with Congress, Federal agencies, and the White House.
  • Conducting quarterly (members only) off-the-record meetings with key seniorlevel officials.
  • Formulating policy positions which are delivered to Congress, Federal agencies, and the Administration.
  • Working with partner associations to strengthen industry and provide a unified voice on the most important issues facing federal procurement.


Chair: Samuel Spector, BlackBerry
Vice-Chair: Chris Lavergne, CGI Federal
Vice-Chair: Jill Shapiro, Tenable


The CompTIA Federal Cybersecurity Committee held its kickoff meeting on March 2nd. Speakers included:
Mark Montgomery, Executive Director,
Cyberspace Solarium Commission
Jeff Rothblum, Senior Professional Staff Member (Majority),
Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee


CompTIA sent a FY22 legislative package to the Hill. CompTIA signed onto multi-association letter sent to House and Senate Appropriations Committees regarding cybersecurity funding allocations.

CompTIA submitted recommendations to the Hill on FISMA reform.


The Federal Cybersecurity Committee hosted its June meeting with guest speakers: Chris DeRusha, Federal Chief Information Security Officer, Office of Management and Budget Nick Leiserson, Chief of Staff, Office of Rep. Jim Langevin CompTIA sent a Hill letter in support of the State and Local Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2021.


CompTIA sent a letter to Hill leadership focusing on the importance of cybersecurity within the infrastructure package.


CompTIA signed onto a multi-association letter on security incident reporting.


CompTIA wrote to HASC leadership, requesting minor changes to Sec. 1502 of the FY22 NDAA.
CompTIA wrote to OMB leadership with recommendations on the draft Federal Zero Trust Strategy.
CompTIA wrote to SASC leadership requesting minor changes to Sec. 1502 of the FY22 NDAA.
CompTIA sent a FedRAMP recommendation letter to HSGAC leadership.
CompTIA published the blog post Cybersecurity Remains Vital as House Takes Up Infrastructure.


CompTIA hosted a Hill cybersecurity webinar, Strengthening Our Nation Against Cyber Threats: Modernizing the Security, Resiliency, and Reliability of our Nation’s Cyber Framework, featuring Rep. Michael McCaul.


The Federal Cybersecurity Committee hosted its November meeting with guest speakers:
Matthew Cornelius, Professional Staff Member, Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs (Majority)
John Costello, Chief of Staff, Office of the National Cybersecurity Director

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