New Service Helps PTI Member Local Governments Combat Cyber Threats

CompTIA-PTI is pleased to announce a new membership offering - participation in the CompTIA Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO), a service that analyzes the latest cybersecurity threats and provides real-time actionable threat intelligence to its members.

As cyber threats have increased, local government cyber leaders need access to the latest threat intelligence, and the ability to communicate more efficiently with each other.

Originally created to serve as a member-based network of security and business professionals dedicated to providing critical threat intelligence, actionable insight, and analysis to technology companies, the CompTIA-ISAO has expanded its mission to provide this same insight and services to local governments.

What is the CompTIA ISAO?

The CompTIA ISAO is a trusted community that actively collaborates to identify and disseminate information about cybersecurity threats. These organizations focus on providing technical information about attacks on businesses, governments and organizations. The CompTIA ISAO gathers data about threat actors and their techniques from various sources. This data can come from governments, large and small companies, and cybersecurity organizations from around the world. The CompTIA ISAO then crunches this data, turns it into useable information, and sends it to its members.

Because the CompTIA ISAO provides relevant, useful information, it effectively becomes a trusted advisor that raises your government’s cybersecurity resilience.

CompTIA ISAO Membership Benefits for PTI Members

First, your organization must be a PTI member local government. Then, as a CompTIA ISAO member, you will receive information via various means, including email. Typically, members can then log in to the ISAO’s web interface to gain detailed information in a forum. Specific items of threat intelligence information can include:

  • Alerts, including targeted notifications based on members technical and business profiles.
  • Cyber Risk Rating (monitor your organization’s cyber security posture
  • Information about significant trends.
  • Weekly video updates
  • Weekly podcasts
  • Research from members or cyber industry sources.
  • Threat reports
  • News Feds
  • Special Local Government Cyber Forum

When PTI members join the CompTIA ISAO, you first create a detailed profile. This profile contains information about the technology used by the organization. This profile is important, because the ISAO creates alerts based on priorities important to the particular ISAO audience. Once the ISAO has an accurate profile of the member organization, the ISAO can then send more relevant, targeted information.

In addition to joining the CompTIA ISAO, PTI members have access to a number of tools available as part of your PTI membership: The CISO/Cyber Leader Forum (network of cyber leaders), the annual Cyber Leader Summit, the annual National Survey of Cybersecurity Programs, webinars, podcasts, and Best Practice Briefs.

By joining the CompTIA ISAO, your local government will have access to insight and information on the latest and biggest cyber risks as well as prescriptive, actionable steps to respond.

Your organization must be a member of PTI to participate in the CompTIA-ISAO. An additional fee of $500 will be added to your annual membership dues if you choose to register for access.

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