Certified Government Chief Information Officer (CGCIO™) Program

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Because career paths can rapidly change, PTI has expanded the CGCIO™ program to allow graduates to be designated as either a Certified Government CIO; or Certified in Government Technology Leadership.

Program Description

Public sector CIOs and IT directors are facing increasing challenges and responsibilities in the era of new governance. As the lines between traditional functional services and departments begin to blur, the IT leadership is charged with 1) managing the constantly expanding role for IT within your government, 2) protecting your government against ever-increasing security threats, and 3) keeping up with the feverish pace of new technology.

The CGCIO™ Certification Program is a 12-month course that lays the foundation for assessing and addressing some of the most critical issues facing IT leadership in the public sector.

The purpose of this program is to equip leaders with the requisite tools to manage and improve their organizational technology assets. During the course of the program, we will address these major topics:

  • The Future CIO Leader (virtual)
  • Emerging Technologies and Leading Practices (virtual)
  • Organizational Assessment and Effectiveness (virtual)
  • Network Security, Managing Risk, Planning for Emergencies (virtual)
  • Human Resources and IT (virtual)
  • Leadership Styles and Profiles; Communicating for Results; Digital Ethics (live/on-site)
  • Strategic Planning/Smart Cities and Counties/ERP (virtual)
  • Managing Change (virtual)
  • Time Management (virtual)
  • Emotional Intelligence (virtual)
  • Big and Open Data (virtual)
  • Capstone Presentations and Graduation (live/on-site)

Each broad topic will examine specific local government issues and draw on participant experience to provide both theoretical and practical applied knowledge to the challenges. Case studies, exercises and guest speakers will be included.

Students are also provided with access to Skillsoft, an online education platform that provides students with self-paced coursework in five areas: Emotional intelligence, leading teams, IT strategy development, IT project management, and writing.

Instructional Institution

This program is presented by PTI and Rutgers University Center for Government Services.

PTI/Rutgers has partnered with the University of North Carolina’s Center for Public Technology and the Florida Institute of Government (Florida State University) in providing the CGCIO program.

These organizations have formed a consortium, with PTI serving as the secretariat. The aim is to develop and maintain consistent requirements and courses.


In order to participate in the program, PTI requires the following six* requisites for the CIO Certification Program:

  1. Minimum 7 Years of private or public managerial experience in the technology field, at least three years of technology management.
  2. Minimum 4-year degree from an accredited institution of higher learning.*
  3. Agree by signature to a self-enforced code of ethics.
  4. Completion of application stating why the applicant wants to enroll in this program, what he or she brings to the class, and the students’ expectations.
  5. Ability to pay upon acceptance a tuition/registration. Sorry, no partial or payments allowed, credit cards and checks accepted.

*Perspective students may petition the program director for waiver of any of the above requirements. Petitions may include a rationale for the request of waiver.

Tuition is non-refundable

What Students "Need to Know" Regarding the Live/On-Site Classes for the CGCIO™ Program

CGCIO™ East Class

In addition to this class, students of the East Coast program will meet two other times (approximately mid-point of program and for graduation). Both of these classes will be one-day events. Dates and locations of these classes will be announced at the start of the program.

CGCIO™ West Class

In addition to the initial class, students of the West Coast program will meet two other times in California (approximately mid-point of program and for graduation). Both of these classes will be one-day events. Dates and locations of these classes will be announced at the start of the program.


Member (PTI, CompTIA, GMIS, MISAC, CGAIT): $3,700.00
Non-Member: $4,200.00

Tuition is non-refundable

Course Materials

Required reading: Students are required to purchase these two books which will be used throughout the program.

"CIO Leadership for Cities and Counties: Emerging Trends and Practices." We will be using this book throughout the program. It is available for $29.93 on Amazon.

"Seven Trends that will Transform Government Through Technology." It is available for $19.93 on Amazon.