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To have a safe and productive society and foster the adoption of emerging technologies, it is imperative that we address cybersecurity concerns today. Join the Cybersecurity Community to be part of an industry-leading, vendor-neutral community of cybersecurity evangelists. Learn how to strengthen and build on your cybersecurity strategy and capitalize on the need for Cybersecurity in all businesses.

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What We Stand For

Members of the Cybersecurity Community are champions for the secure and responsible adoption and management of technology solutions, leveraging best practices and advocating for advanced skills and diversity in our market space. 

How We’re Making an Impact

As emerging security technologies evolve and move from enterprise to small business, the Cybersecurity Community helps technology providers become market-ready and find smart ways to monetize Cybersecurity. We’re making a difference by working together to create resources that can help you grow your business and benefit your customers, such as:


Alex_Rutkovitz - June 2020

Alex Rutkovitz Spigel


Vice President,
Choice CyberSecurity

Jamgotchian_Raffi_LinkedIn Feb 2021

Raffi Jamgotchian

Vice Chair

Triada Networks LLC

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