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Soar to new heights in the ChannelCon Online Solutions Showcase

ChannelCon Online’s Solutions Showcase gives you access to attendees now—and for the rest of the year. Your virtual booth will be archived and available to users anytime, anywhere. Point prospects to your dedicated URL for detailed information, company-hosted events, special offers and more. Plus, CompTIA will send reminders to members throughout 2021 to check out the companies they may have missed.


Lower Costs, Higher ROI

With ChannelCon Online serving as a virtual event this year, you can attend and staff your booth virtually from anywhere, and your budget won’t feel it a bit. Plus, you can register as many attendees as you want!


Reach a Broader Audience

Because your ChannelCon Online booth will be open long after the event is over, your company will be visible to a much broader audience than just those that attend during the event. You can also update or edit your profile page anytime, anywhere to add or remove company representatives. You have complete control over what and how much information to share with attendees.


Let’s Get Personal

In our virtual Solutions Showcase, you have the chance for a higher-quality, more direct communications between attendees and your company professionals. This more personal connection lets you have informed, high-value conversations with new prospects. You can also track all interactions to more effectively schedule follow-up conversations any time.


More Visibility

ChannelCon Online’s virtual directory lets users easily find your specific brand listing, with identifiable tags, or by a search for technology solution. Participants can click on as many profiles and make as many connections as they like, with significant time savings that’s better spent on conversations with exhibitors.


Less Waste

We all know that trade shows can have a bad rap for producing an enormous amount of waste each year. This comes in the form of discarded packaging, collateral carpeting, furniture and more. And swag! All the swag that is disposed after each event is a real cost to you and the environment. So “going virtual” is also “going green” in many ways.

Convinced? Contact us today to reserve a spot in the Solutions Showcase!

*Participation is included in vendor/distributor dues at the $1,375 level and above.

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