UAV Expo Americas to Highlight the Present and Future of the Commercial Drone Industry

More than 185 of the world’s top UAS vendors will be on hand at the 2019 UAV Expo Americas in Las Vegas, along with 2,500+ attendees from six continents to explore what drone technology looks like today, but also what’s in store for tomorrow.

While various reports continue to highlight the billions of dollars that commercial drone technology will eventually be worth, we’ve also seen headlines that claim the drone bubble has burst, contributing to market softness that will not allow the technology to truly take flight. Given these disparate narratives, what’s the reality of the technology in the present, much less the future?   

It’s always fun to speculate about how things might not come together for a technology or an entire market but the bottom line is that the entire drone market environment in 2019 is much bigger than it was a few short years ago, when those reports about the billions of dollars first came out. What’s more is that the fifth annual Commercial UAV Expo Americas, taking place October 28-30, at the Westgate Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, is set to be the biggest one yet. That growth is indicative of what the technology looks like today, but it’s also just a hint at what’s in store for the industry tomorrow.

More than 185 of the world’s top UAS vendors will be on hand at the event, along with 2,500+ attendees and 250+ global media partners from six continents to explore developments related to how the technology is making countless tasks faster cheaper and safer. Leading companies that are involved with drone technology will be joined by representatives from the FAA to take part in discussions about how drone solutions can scale across entire organizations and industries. They’ll also discuss future innovations and applications related to urban air mobility, unmanned traffic management, security, remote ID, AI, and much more.

While there’s a lot of focus on the opportunity once broad authorization for expanded drone operations has been approved by the FAA, the reality is that the technology already is making a real, bottom-line difference today. Seleta Reynolds (Los Angeles DoT), Suzanne Van Cooten (National Weather Service), Jarrett Larrow (FAA), Todd Graetz (BNSF Railway), and Sarah Kohlsmith (SunCor Energy) and many more end users will be at the Commercial UAV Expo to talk through where and how drones currently are creating value for their organizations.

In addition to presentations and panel discussions in the main Conference Program and Exhibit Hall Theater, can’t miss highlights of UAV Expo also include a gathering of public safety leaders for the DRONERESPONDERS Public Safety Summit; outdoor drone demonstrations, and exhibitor product preview presentations showcasing the hottest new companies and products, along with numerous vendor and association workshops

A quick internet search can find reports claiming commercial drone usage is still accelerating just as easily as reports that declare it never will. The truth isn’t between these two perspectives though, because the present and future of the technology are being defined by where and how the technology is being used right now. Those distinctions as real as they are powerful, and they’ll be highlighted in a big way at Commercial UAV Expo Americas, where attendees will see that the sky truly is no longer the limit for this technology or market.

Registration is available online here. Exhibit-only passes are free in advance of the event.

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