PTI Solutions Awards

Has your city or county launched an IT, cybersecurity, or emergency preparedness initiative in the last 12 to 15 months? Has a tech project in your jurisdiction enhanced agency productivity or interaction with the public? If so, CompTIA's Public Technology Institute (PTI) invites you to submit an entry for the PTI Solutions Awards.  

The annual PTI Solutions Awards recognize PTI member cities and counties that have implemented or updated innovative technology solutions within the past 15 months that positively affected local government performance and service to the public.  

Entries for the 2021 PTI Solutions Awards will be accepted through April 30th, 2021 and the winners will be announced at the June 3rd Tech Talk meeting.

Please feel free to share this information with colleagues throughout your jurisdiction. Multiple entries are encouraged but each project will only be considered for one technology category. Entries from past award seasons will not be considered and should not be submitted.

Award Categories

Awards will be given based on jurisdiction population and several technology categories:

  • Information Technology (telecommunication, cybersecurity, emerging tech, data/metrics, I.T. management, operations, and infrastructure)
  • Web Services, E-Government, and Mobile Apps
  • GIS (Geospacial Information Systems)
  • Public Safety, Emergency Management, and Community Resiliency
  • Sustainability (energy and energy assurance planning, environment, public works, transportation)
  • Customer Service (external or internal)

Entries for the 2022 PTI Technology Solutions Awards will be accepted in the spring and the application will be posted here.

Award Selection Process

An independent voting committee will review all entries and select award recipients. When reviewing each entry, the voting committee will be considering:

  • How replicable is the solution for other local governments?
  • How can other jurisdictions benefit from implementing this solution?
  • How innovative is the solution?
  • How involved were staff in the development and/or implementation of the solution?
  • How much of an impact did the solution have on government services or programs?
  • One entry will be selected as a winner per technology and population category. Entries may also be designated as a Significant Achievement.

Selection Committee Members

  • CompTIA PTI Solutions Awards Selection Committee:
  • Chris Dixon, Senior Manager, SLED Market Analysis, Deltek
  • Lori R. Blackmon, MPA, PMP, CGCIO, CCMP, Manager, Government Technology Consulting, Plante Moran
  • Olga Chaban, EdD, Sr. Program Coordinator, Center for Government Services, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
  • Seth Robinson, Sr. Director, Technology Analysis, CompTIA
  • Wendy Wickens, CGCIO, CPM, PMP, U.S. Public Sector Account Executive, Cisco

Previous Years Winners