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Kara Swisher

Kara Swisher

Navigating the Tech Landscape with Kara Swisher: Insights from the Burn Book

Get ready to be electrified by a keynote session featuring headliner Kara Swisher, a titan in tech journalism, and CompTIA CEO Todd Thibodeaux. Renowned for her fearless reporting and razor-sharp commentary, Swisher has been blazing trails in the tech world for decades. She holds the industry's heavyweights accountable while shedding light on the most impactful trends and shifts in our sector.

Swisher will share insights from her latest book, "Burn Book: A Tech Love Story." The book is a riveting exploration of the love-hate relationship between society and technology, offering a candid and critical perspective on the tech industry's impact on our lives and the world at large. It's a must-read for anyone interested in understanding the complex dynamics in the tech world today.

We'll delve into the themes of her book, providing invaluable insights for IT channel executives and IT training organizations. She will discuss the evolving tech landscape, the role of big tech companies, and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. She will also share her thoughts on how IT channel executives and IT training organizations can navigate these changes and thrive in the tech ecosystem.

This robust discussion is not just about understanding the tech industry; it's about understanding its impact on our society and how we can shape its future. Swisher's unique perspective, drawn from years of experience covering the tech industry, will provide a fresh and thought-provoking perspective on the issues that matter most to IT professionals. Whether you're an IT channel executive looking to understand the latest trends or an IT training organization seeking to prepare your students for the future, this powerhouse session is not to be missed.

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