Justify Your Trip

Need a little help building the case to join us in Atlanta for a couple days of learning? We think the value speaks for itself, but sometimes you need the right words to send to your manager. Use the template below to help justify your trip.

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Objection #1

CompTIA Partner Summit is too expensive.


Partner Summit is specifically designed to provide you and your organization with tools to prepare learners to measurably enhance the skill set of the tech workforce. Compare the cost involved to what might be lost if you aren't able to provide learning content that converts or keeps up with the latest technologies. There is also value in creating and connecting with a network of tech training organizations and academic educators that you can turn to when faced with unique challenges. By including more of your team, you have an opportunity to increase the value of learning together.

Objection #2

All tech conferences are the same.


CompTIA Partner Summit is specifically designed for academic educators, commercial trainers, government agencies, corporate learning and development leaders, and instructors. You won't be wasting time with sessions that don't address my particular training solution and classroom challenges. All of the speakers are experts in the industry who work in the trenches and teach from experience. They understand what works and what doesn't. Each conference session is structured to provide actionable takeaways and new tactics and strategies to implement in your classrooms.

Objection #3

It’s too much time away from work


Be prepared with a plan of how you'll cover your responsibilities while away. That way, you'll be able to focus on the sessions and fully immerse yourself in "learning mode." By showing up fully prepared to learn you'll be able to execute on your takeaways faster, and you'll have new ideas to help reach your department's goals.

Objection #4

You can learn the same content from webinars, blogs and research.


Webinars, blogs and research can fill some gaps—and they're not going away. But they don't replace a conference experience. With CompTIA Partner Summit, you'll have classroom training at your fingertips. You'll also connect with your peers facing similar challenges. Finally, you'll have opportunities to ask targeted questions about your specific situation, helping to meet specific goals.

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