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How to Leverage Industrial IoT to Improve Manufacturing Processes

Industrial monitoring is helping manufacturers improve production processes and product quality—and opening the door for MSP services opportunities.

05/11/2022 | Use Case

Ensuring Broadband Digital Equity and Digital Inclusion in your Community: How Elected Leaders Can Lead the Conversation

This Best Practice Brief is designed to help elected leaders begin the dialog on digital digital inclusion and highlight the role of the IT organization in community broadband.

05/09/2022 | Guide

Space Enterprise Council 2021 Year in Review

The SEC brings a unique voice to policy discussions that are centered on space and the innovative technology ecosystem.

05/01/2022 | Article

Space Enterprise Council 2022 Priorities

The United States faces an unprecedented challenge from foreign adversaries—one that is helping accelerate innovation, shore up our industrial base and strengthen our ties with our allies.

05/01/2022 | Article

How to Leverage AI to Better Detect, Analyze Cyber Threats

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a critical component of cybersecurity. Learn how MSPs can leverage AI to help protect networks and data.

04/15/2022 | Use Case

Trends in Managed Services: The Impact of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has become mission critical for MSPs looking to be competitive in the marketplace.

04/13/2022 | Infographic

How IoT Is Improving Smart Badges for Businesses

Smart badges can be very practical for businesses. Learn how they can improve employee safety, control building costs, and improve company security.

04/05/2022 | Use Case

Moving from Collaboration to Partnership: Local and State Government IT

Best Practice Brief provides insight on how to build effective state and local relationships.

04/04/2022 | Article

How to Leverage IoT for Innovative Asset Management Solutions

Internet of things (IoT) technology helps businesses keep track of vehicles, devices and other assets, creating big opportunities for MSPs.

04/04/2022 | Use Case

Use AI to Win More Deals with Predictive Sales and Lead Scoring

AI-driven predictive sales and lead scoring can help companies win business. Learn how it can boost sales and create opportunities for MSPs.

03/24/2022 | Use Case

The Human Side of IT: Building a Positive Impact on Local Government Service Delivery

With federal funding from ARPA and the infrastructure bill streaming into local government, agencies are able to procure more IT tools, applications and solutions.

03/16/2022 | Article

Developing Your Local Government Cyber Road Map: How Federal Funding Can Help

This Best Practice Brief highlights why now is an opportune time for local government IT and cyber executives to reexamine their cybersecurity standing.

03/16/2022 | Article

CompTIA World, Spring 2022, The Transformational Power of Data

In this issue, we explore how data is revolutionizing the MSP market and how data can drive your company's DEI journey.

03/16/2022 | Article

Trends in Managed Services 2022

Managed service providers are evolving to keep pace with the complexities of today’s technology landscape. Learn the latest managed services trends.

03/10/2022 | Research

Implement AI into Chatbots and Digital Assistance Solutions

Chatbots and conversational AI can have a big impact on customer satisfaction. Learn how it helps businesses and why it’s a big opportunity for MSPs.

03/10/2022 | Use Case

Local Government IT and ARPA Funding: Elevating the Role of the IT Organization

This CompTIA PTI Best Practice Brief shares why it is crucial the IT executive is present at the decision-making table to ensure that the voice of IT is heard and considered as local governments implement new federally-funded projects.

02/28/2022 | Article

How to Implement IoT Technologies to Manage Smart Buildings

Traditional networks now include HVAC, lighting, surveillance, and other systems. Learn how IoT is opening doors for MSPs to do more for customers.

02/21/2022 | Use Case

Video Marketing Playbook for Tech SMBs

In a competitive B2B technology marketplace, video is a powerful tool. Learn how to leverage video marketing to compete and grow your business.

02/02/2022 | Guide

European Tech Hiring Trends

CompTIA’s European Tech Hiring Trends provides an in-depth look at hiring trends across 10 markets.

01/28/2022 | Research

Blockchain Decision Tree

When is blockchain the right choice? CompTIA’s Blockchain Advisory Council has created a decision tree to help determine when to use it, or not.

01/24/2022 | Infographic

CompTIA Federal Cybersecurity Committee 2021 Year in Review

This document outlines the initiatives and activities that the CompTIA Federal Cybersecurity Committee accomplished in 2021.

01/18/2022 | Article

AI Best Practices for Business Decision Makers and Practitioners

Learn the best practices for decision makers and practitioners when implementing an AI solution.

01/12/2022 | Guide

At-a-Glance Guide to Channel Marketing

Learn the best practices that vendors can use to effectively market through the channel and enable partner marketing.

12/13/2021 | Guide

Letter on US-Australia Technology Safeguard Agreement

12/09/2021 | Article

Letter on US-Norway Technology Safeguard Agreement

12/09/2021 | Article

Blockchain Learning Paths

CompTIA’s Blockchain Advisory Council created Blockchain Learning Paths, a guide for professionals looking to begin their educational journey.

12/01/2021 | Guide

IT Industry Outlook 2022

CompTIA’s 2022 industry preview examines how technology professionals and technology firms are returning to strategy after a turbulent year.

11/05/2021 | Research

Canadian Tech Industry and Workforce Trends 2021

Trends and Analysis of Canadian Provinces and Metro Areas

10/27/2021 | Research

2021 National Survey of Local Government Cybersecurity Programs

Learn the cybersecurity issues city and county IT executives are experiencing, and the policies and procedures that are shaping their response.

10/25/2021 | Research

2021 MSP Trends in Cybersecurity

Learn the trends and cybersecurity principles that are guiding MSPs today, so you can stay ahead of the curve.

10/22/2021 | Research

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Terminology: A Glossary for Beginners

Learn the basic terminology for AI. From adversarial machine learning to unstructured data, here's a list of terms you need to know.

10/21/2021 | Article

6 Layers of an IoT Solution

The internet of things (IoT) is more than a smart device or sensor; if you want to build an IoT solution, there are six layers to consider.

10/18/2021 | Guide

A CEO’S Guide to Addressing Cybersecurity Concerns

Learn the questions to ask to ensure that you have a complete understanding of your organization’s cybersecurity.

10/11/2021 | Guide

Information Security Risk Assessment Guide

Learn how to talk to your customers about why a security risk assessment is critical.

10/08/2021 | Guide

State of Cybersecurity 2021

The latest cybersecurity research from CompTIA explores cybersecurity policy, processes, people and products

09/24/2021 | Research

Cybersecurity and Elected Leaders: How A Ransomware Attack Impacts You

This is the first in a series of quick reads created by the local government leadership of CompTIA-PTI: CIOs and IT executives who serve on the Executive Council of the City/County Tech Leaders Forum.

09/21/2021 | Whitepaper

Drones/UAS Glossary: Terms & Definitions for Beginners

09/03/2021 | Article

Drone Standards Quiz

Assess your knowledge and awareness of drone/UAS standards and best practices.

09/02/2021 | Article

The Cost of a Cybersecurity Breach

Today’s cybersecurity stats don’t paint a pretty picture. It’s time to convince your SMB customers they need to join the fight against cybercriminals.

08/27/2021 | Article